Thursday, March 5, 2009

Something to look forward to...

I am uber excited about this new class at Big Picture Scrapbooking that will be taught by Cathy Zielske.  Being an addict to facebook this is right up my alley.  Plus I am desperately trying to get back into scrapbooking on a daily if not weekly or at least monthly basis.  Ok lets say on a more frequent basis to be fair and not put all this un-needed pressure on me in my current state.  My big hang up with Scrapbooking is the journaling.  Which is rather funny, since you can always find me writing in my journal or on my blog.  But honestly when it comes to my scrapbooks I freeze up.  I feel like what I write has to be PERFECT.  There it is again, that horrible word that plagues my existence.  I'm not sure why, because the only ones who actually see the damn things are family and maybe a few friends.  Are they honestly going to look through them, read what I've said and point out all my grammatical errors or tell me that what I wrote was lame?  Well, maybe some of them might but that is besides the point.  The reason for the scrapbook is to document life.  My life, my children's lives, so that we have something to look back on 20, 30, 40 years from now.  Will it honestly matter that I didn't use the right punctuation or that I misspelled a word?  Probably not.  So I need to learn to let go of the perfectionist in me that says it all has to be "just right" in order to make it onto my layouts and in my albums.  Hence the class at BPS.  The point of it all is to take those snippets, the bits and pieces of my life that get posted in the status bar and use them as ways to journal.  Because after all that is what I am doing.  Recording my authentic life for every one of my friends on Facebook to see.  And isn't that what the journaling on our pages is meant to do?  Convey a record of that particular moment in our lives so we will remember it forever.  

Anyway, I talk to much and the little one I think is actually asleep (thank god).  It only took him like an hour.  Not sure why he fought it cause he was up at 6:30am.  I would have thought that by 2pm he'd be exhausted.  Especially after a trip to McDonalds where he ran around on the playground for like 30 minutes.  The point is that I am going to update my status on Facebook and have some "me" time while it's still available.  
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