Monday, March 9, 2009

A big scare

So our beautiful weekend was spoiled on Sunday afternoon when we discovered a pretty significant amount of blood had escaped my body.  Naturally I freaked out but calmly had Fred call the doctor as we prepared to head to the hospital, sure these were the instructions that would be given.  Sure enough halfway there, the on call doctor returned our call and told me to head in.  We arrived around 2:30pm.  I was feeling light-headed and slightly cramping.  Fred wheeled me to labor and delivery where I was put into a triage room for observation.   The bleeding had stopped (yay!) and they hooked me up to the machines to monitor the baby's heartbeat.  
About an hour or so later I started to feel a tightness in my stomach that would ripple up and then disappear.  This would happen every so often and I had my suspicions they were contractions.  When the nurse came in to check on me and let me know she finally got ahold of the current doctor on call and that she had ordered a blood test and ultrasound, I let her know about the tightness.  She checked the paper and monitors and sure enough I was having contractions.  She proceeded to give me water to drink in the hopes it would calm them down and I wouldn't need an IV.  I was starving at this point, not having eaten anything since breakfast so the nurse said she would order me a dinner tray after my tests.  
By about 4:30pm I was getting my sonogram.  Everything was looking good.  They thought maybe it was a low lying placenta that caused the bleeding but after an internal look it showed to be in the right place as well as my cervix being long and closed as it should be.  Phew!  Great news.  But we still had to wait for the doctor to go over the results of my blood and urine tests and sonogram to know for sure and couldn't be discharged till she saw me.  
Upon arriving back to my room, my dinner was waiting.  It wasn't the best meal, after all we were in the hospital and everyone knows hospital food sucks, but I was starving so I dug in. Now we were in wait mode.  And wait we did.  I was getting so bored off my ass at this point, no longer worried that this baby was dying or going to be born prematurely that day.  All I wanted to do was to get out of there, have a decent meal and be home.  The bed was so uncomfortable and I had limited moving capability due to the monitors strapped to my belly.  There was no T.V. in the room, and unaware that I would stuck in the hospital for an excrutiating number of hours, had not grabbed myself a book to read either.  I was left to desperation and the only thing available; Fred's mustang magazine.  
Not sure when we'd be discharged I called my mom, who was watching Mason, and told her we had two options.  Being that is was close to 7pm, we could either keep Mason up hoping that we get out soon and then bring him home or if he falls asleep soon to just have him stay there the night and I'd come get him first thing in the morning since both my parents work.  At around 8:15pm my mom called us to say Mason would be staying the night.  His little voice got on the phone, "Hi Mommy."  I felt a pang in my heart.  He excitedly told me about his day; the big chalk outside, his clothes getting dirty then cleaned by grandma, how he ate all his sandwich so he was now having animal crackers,  that pop-pop was asleep and now he was going night-night at grandma's.  I was biting my lip so I would not burst into tears. For some reason hearing his voice made me instantly sad and miss him terribly.  It could have been the tragedy we luckily avoided with the baby but all I wanted was to hold him close and know that my family was safe. After saying our good-byes I hung up and desperately wanted to be home.
A little after 8:30pm our doctor finally arrived.  She checked in on another patient first, then chit chatted at the nurses station before finally coming in to see us.  She confirmed what the nurses had been saying.  Ultrasound showed everything fine, heartbeat was great, the bleeding had stopped as did the contractions.  So, she couldn't explain what caused the bleeding but that there was no cause for concern anymore.  I needed to call Dr. Tudder to let him know what happened, I have my next checkup and glucose test scheduled for Wednesday already with him. I suppose we now wait to hear what Dr.  Tudder says about the whole ordeal and if I need to be put on any restrictions. 
By 9pm I was dressed and we were heading home.  By 10pm we were thankful to be in our own bed and getting some much needed sleep.  
If anything really good came out of the whole experience we got the official confirmation on the ultrasound that it is definitely a girl, no doubt.   For sure though, I will be totally paranoid about every, twinge, pang, grumble and movement I feel.  Don't think that will go away till the day she born.  It will be a long 3 months till then but for now I will try to take it as easy as possible and hope for the best.  

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