Saturday, March 7, 2009

75 degrees and loving it

It was a beautiful sunny, warm day (finally) and Mason and I were desperate to get out of the house. Fred had never been to the park with us so it was an extra treat to have him there. Our first family outing in a very long time. The dinosaur park, just down the road from our house, is Mason's favorite of the two big ones in our area. It is huge with four play scape areas, two sets of swings, a fire truck, numerous ride on animals, and a pavillion. All set in a wooded area with a trail leading to local neighborhoods. It is kind of tucked away down a tiny street sandwiched between an elementary school and a residential neighborhood. I drove right by it a million times not knowing of its existence till one day a friend opened my eyes and showed me the way. Now life is never the same.

Never having been on a weekend I wasn't entirely sure what to expect but was shocked to see how packed it was. We struggled to find a parking space let alone time on the swings. I was practically getting run over every few seconds by some rambunctious child in a hurry to get to the next thing. Mason did have a blast on the swings, when it one was free. He'd been asking to swing since 9am. Only daddy could push and Mason wasn't happy when I stepped in to get a photo of us (since I never get photos of him and I together because I'm always behind the camera).
After some more running around, going down slides and wanting to swing again but one wasn't free, I suggest we take a walk on the trail before getting lunch. Mason, loving trails these days thanks to Grandma Sundays, loved the idea. I'd never been on the trail but always wondered where it lead after seeing so many people coming and going on it over the months of spending time there. It just leads through some wooded area to other neighborhoods. The cool attractions were the two bridges over a creek. Mason loves water, throwing rocks in it and looking for fishes. Unfortunately there were no fishes in this creek but Mason enjoyed leaning over the railings and watching the water anyway.
1 hour and 30 minutes after our arrival we finally made it to the car, hungry and ready for lunch, only to hear Mason begging to go down for a nap. So I suggested Fred and I stop at Potbelly's (LOVE THIS PLACE, ate there every weekend while renovating the house for 6 months) to grab some quick food to go. When we arrived home, Mason was looking sufficiently pathetic and went right to sleep. Gotta love the park, it wears him out every time.

Fred took a nap as well and I was able to enjoy the sun and a good book out on our deck.

Naps over, Fred took Mason out on his tractor till the battery died. So it was kicking the ball around and throwing and playing in the dirt till we were excessively dirty and the sun was going to bed. After a traumatic bath (for some reason Mason is now terrified of the bath that he used to love and refuse to vacate even when shivering and turning blue) we Skyped with Nana, Uncle David, Aunt Melissa and their baby Henry. Gave them a virtual tour of our house then ordered pizza for dinner, per Mason's request.
After our newly established nightly ritual of Mason asking for every Thomas engine he owns to join him in bed and me having to kiss every single one along with his two lovies and cuddles, he finally goes down to bed. Now I can enjoy uninterrupted time on my computer to blog.

Phew! Just another day, but oh so glad it wasn't snowing and I didn't need to bundle up like I was in the arctic just to check the mail.

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