Tuesday, October 27, 2009

She is...

Realizing that I am so far behind on this blog thing, Sophie turns five months tomorrow and I still haven't recorded her four month progress. Aye, aye aye! So without further delay...

She is...
She is consistently sleeping through the night.
She is kicking her legs all the time. I've come to calling her Thumper.
She is recognizing Mommy, Daddy and Mason.
She is eating solid food.
Oatmeal is the best.
6-8 tablespoons at time.
She is finally on a schedule and we are establishing a routine.
She is discovering her fingers and toes.
And sucks on them whenever possible.
She is a happy baby in the morning. Always smiles.
She is giggling, though few and far between.
She is loving her big brother.
She is fascinated with anything he is doing.
Immediately smiling when we walks in the room.
The only one able to calm her down,
Mason sings to her.
Twinkle, Twinkle little star.
She is this close to rolling over.
She is trying so hard to sit up she does "sit ups" when lying down, in her car seat or swing.
She is verbally expressive ALL THE TIME.
Her squeals, and chatter a welcome relief.
She is standing. While being held.
She is taking about three naps a day.
One long 2-3 hour and few short.
She is moving slowly like an inch worm when on her stomach.
She is trying hard to crawl.
She is 17 pounds.
She is in the 99th percentile.
She is also growing equally big in height.
She is wearing 6 month clothes already.
She is making me want to stop using the infant car seat.
Can we say heavy?
She is a good sport in the bath.
She is getting eczema like her brother.
She is a new experience.
She is a joy.
She is four months old.
She is my only daughter.
She is as sweet as can be.
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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Spice up your life

I recently decided I needed a little funk in my style. So I shook things up a bit when I visited the hair salon last night and added a little spice to my life.
It's subtle but definitely a change. A little Auburn, a little lighter and darker blonde and viola. I'm not the stereotypical frumpy soccer mom with the mini van. Mom's got some style. It might not be as dramatic as some would have expected but I love it.

This is a close up of what it looked like before my shower this morning. I tried to get some stylish, artsy, dramatic photos of my new do but alas I don't have a professional photographer on staff so my tripod and self timer had to suffice.
No longer stuck in a rut, and boring for me. To steal a line from James Brown. Watch out. Momma's got brand new bag.
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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Corolla, North Carolina

Finally, it's here. The blog entry about our beach trip. It's been a busy, busy Fall this year. Weekend after weekend it's something else. A little bit stressful and hectic but I making priceless memories for and with my children and husband. You can't beat that. So here it is.

September 5th:
We woke up early, having been proactive and packed up most of the car the night before, we only needed to pack up the essentials put them in the car and head out on the road. We meet The Beadle's and Trevor for breakfast at McDonalds in Manassas before heading out on the road for our very long trip. How long we, we didn't expect. Heading into Norfolk to meet the Smith's for lunch we ran into major traffic. Took us and hour or two just to go 4 miles. I was getting restless and so were the kids but over all they handled the long car ride pretty well. I was impressed. 6pm, we finally arrived in Corolla, North Carolina at the big blue beach house. Unpacked the cars, got the kids settled and the girls hit Harris Teeter for a massive grocery run for the week. By 9:30pm all the kids were asleep (or at least in bed) and we hit the hot tub. A nightly ritual that I have missed since arriving back home. We even spent one night in the hot tub in the rain. Hey we were wet anyway!

September 6th:

Every morning after the kids got up and we all had breakfast we'd go for a walk along the beach. Sophie in wrap. Mason, fearless running in the waves and playing ball with Chiquita. It was one of my favorite moments of the trip. So peaceful and calm.

After lunch we played in the pool. The water was FREEZING. The kids didn't seem to care. Mason learned to kick his feet and blow bubbles in the water.
Finally we packed up all our gear, and there is a lot of gear when you have kids. And walked the short distance to the pier to get over the dunes and down to the beach. It was an eventful first day. The girls and the kids hung out on the beach, Mason playing in the sand with the dump truck, pail and shovels I found at Harris Teeter the night before. The boys were out in the water giving their boogie boards they got really cheap a try. Then some commotion was going on by the water and one of the guys came up and said to me and Dani that our husbands were in trouble. What?! I looked up and saw a two life guards standing by the beach, one lifeguard in the water with Trevor and My husband and Beadle still out there with the boogie boards. Then I see another lifeguard jeep come speeding up the beach and stopping right where we all were standing. At this point the whole beach has stopped to stare at our husbands out in the water. The lifeguards calling them to come back in, and then running into the water after them. I of course was worried but didn't want to miss my chance to document this moment.
I ran for my camera. By the time I got it, they were mostly out of danger being dragged in by the lifeguard. They reached the beach smiling and laughing, assuring us, their wives, that they were really in no danger. It was a rip tide and they were swimming fine, and even able to stand at most parts but just kept getting pulled back out with the tide. Needless to say they were limited to beach after that.
The rest of the day we spent flying kites, and playing in the sand and looking for seashells before packing it up and heading back to the house. Fred taught me to fly his stunt kite and I was doing good. For a while. I'm sure by our fifth year at the beach I'll get it.

One thing we learned, other than the obvious of when there is a red flag flying with "NO SWIMMING" written on it (which we noticed after the rip tide incident) don't go in the water, was that we need to get a house on the beach next year. Carrying all this gear sucks. We learned to load up the truck and then the rest of us walk while the gear was driven to the pier then unloaded.
September 7th:
It was a rainy day so we headed to the aquarium on Roanoke Island. The best part was getting to touch stingrays. They are soft and slippery not at all what I expected. But totally cool!
September 8th:
It was rainy once again so we took the day to do some local shopping for useless souvenirs. Typical of any vacation. You can't come home without at least a few things that say OBX. We bought the boys matching t-shirts. So cute.

Most nights we also played board games. And I learned that our group, and O.K. I admit it me too, are very competitive. So there babe, I said it out loud. I am competitive. Are you happy? But it's only cause I live with you and you're competitive too. Well not all because of you. Anyway, moving on. Typical of our group we also found the time to have some fun, when the rain stopped, with water balloons and a sling shot.
September 9th:
Finally a nice day. Despite the wind. We head off to the Currituck Lighthouse. Mason fell asleep on the way over and we debated letting him sleep to waking him up. We woke him up and he wanted Fred to carry him. I was afraid he'd have to carry Mason all the way up the lighthouse. They waited for everyone else to go first and took up the rear. But as always my son surpasses my expectations and surprised me by climbing ALL 214 steps to the top, never stopping for a break and showing no fear. It was incredibly windy on top so after taking a quick look Sophie and I went back inside and waited for everyone to climb back down.
Then we headed out to the 4x4 beach. We hitched a ride with the Beadle's in their truck. With this crew there is never a dull moment. As if getting saved by lifeguards was not enough adventure for the week the Smith's car got stuck in the sand. Like REALLY stuck. It took them probably a half hour, Beadle's truck pulling, the guys pushing and lots of digging to free the sucker. Oh the memories. After that we parked where we were, set up the tent and had a picnic. It was pretty windy and saw no horses but it was fun anyway.

September 10th:
We decided to go back to the 4x4 beach to search for horses. This time we got brave and ventured over the dunes into the housing area. After much searching and following where we saw the tour bus and other jeep rentals going we hit the jackpot. And it was cool. They got really close to us at one point. Mason loved seeing them and riding in the back of the truck. Still to this day he keeps talking about Mr. Mike's blue truck. And picked a blue truck from the stash after getting 10 stones. I enjoyed the ride in the truck too. Cruising the streets. Beadle was on a conference call for part of it and not paying attention and started to drive while everyone in the back was still standing and heard them screaming obscenities at him. It was classic.
That night it was our one night to go out to eat. We went to the Sunset Grill. Excited that they had karaoke and with the amount of alcohol we knew would be consumed it would get interesting. Unfortunately when we arrived, we realized the karaoke wasn't until 10pm. With kids that would be difficult. I was bummed cause Mason said he'd do the karaoke with me. Oh well. Next time.
Dinner was great. I had oysters for the first time. I liked them. Fred and Beadle had a drinking contest. They constantly had to compete at something on this trip. *Sigh* Boys. We got home and took pictures of our adorable little boys in their matching t-shirts. They were so freaking cute. Not that I'm biased but I feel that our group of friends produces the cutest, best-looking kids on the planet.

September 11th:
Our last day at the beach. It was the most perfect day. Sunny, but not too hot. Not windy. Gorgeous. No rip tide and some pretty nice waves. We took turns boogie boarding and I found it so much fun. Mason was cracking me up. He was playing in the sand when at one point Trevor told him he was funny. At the same time Dani had some animal crackers. Mason, being the character he is, would run over to Dani, get an animal cracker, run over to me throw his hand up in the air and yell, "I'm funny." I'd then say, "you're funny" and he proceed to run up the dune and over to Dani and repeat it. Over and over.
September 12th:
The drive home was long. We had left before the Smith's and Beadle's. Having packed up mostly the night before and being up early. Plus they told us to go. I was glad to leave, cause it was getting hectic with all the whining, busyness of packing and wanted to get home at a reasonable hour. We stopped at a McDonalds to grab some lunch. We had tried to stop at an earlier exit but missed it. This is funny because after coming out of the bathroom after having changed both kids diapers/pull ups I heard and saw Beadle standing there. They had stopped at the same McDonalds we did. What are the chances?

Once home, I was exhausted. This was our first trip to the beach since our honeymoon and the first time with kids. So many memories. I’ll never forget Fred, Beadle and Trevor being saved by lifeguards the first day after getting caught in a rip tide, Mike’s SUV getting stuck in the sand on the 4x4 beach, and Mason climbing all 214 steps of the Currituck Lighthouse. Sophie slept 10 hours every night for the first time and I never laughed or smiled so much in a long while. Despite the excruciating long car ride and not being much of a beach person (which I'd say has now changed), I’m looking forward to doing it again next year.

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