Tuesday, March 3, 2009

No more Monkeys jumping on the couch

So our little game of paper throwing seems to have turned tragic. Last night while having a good time with some new paper, Mason was jumping off the couch rather than sliding off. We don't usually allow him to jump off the couch (or on it for that matter) but I was supervising and he was having one last hurrah before bedtime. I guess I should have gone with my instinct and made him stop jumping because the last time he jumped off he immediately sat down and started crying. He told me his foot hurt and showed me where and had me kiss it. When he stood up to get daddy from the basement I noticed he was limping toward the door. I immediately got concerned and called to him. He turned around and I saw the pain on his face. It broke my heart. Crying he hobbled back to me where I cuddled him in my arms trying to comfort him while calling for Fred. We both looked his foot over for bruising or swelling. Nothing. Play time was over. We did our best to put some ice on his foot, but if you have a small child you know it isn't easy, gave him some tylenol and put him to bed. I prayed he would be better in the morning.

Morning came and Mason woke up way too early. As I opened his door he immediately, without my prompting or asking, said his foot hurt. He would not stand or walk on it and begged to be carried. I can't really carry him, so he has taken to crawling around when Fred is not here. We of course became even more concerned. Mason can be a bit of a drama queen but he isn't one to complain like this. We knew he wasn't faking it and that it must be really hurting. A call to the doctors and off we went. Turns out nothing is broken. Phew. Just a sprain. He will need to stay off it as much as possible and we should try to ice it when he is resting. It should heal on it's own in a couple of days. Children are resilient and he will probably heal faster than we expect. Much to my relief. Not sure I would be able to handle weeks of his begging to be carried and me unable to do so. He is already attempting to do some standing on it and a little bit of walking; favoring the right foot and trying to walk on his heal instead, obvious that it still hurts.

I guess I should be thankful this is his first injury though it won't be his last. Especially if he is anything like his father. Need to start singing the song with "no more monkeys jumping on the couch either."
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