Saturday, March 21, 2009

Scary Guy

Mason has been rambling about this "Scary Guy" for like a week now. He doesn't want to go downstairs alone in the morning anymore because "scary guy" is down there. Or he'll just randomly mention "scary guy" while playing and I'm all jumping up, running from window to window expecting to see some lunatic lurking outside my house. I'm starting to have nightmares that there is this scary guy stalking my house and going to kill us or something.

Then Mason mentions that "scary guy" is in his kitchen. He has one of those play kitchens from Step 2. So now I am wondering what could be scaring him in his kitchen, nothing comes to mind. Then he mentions "scary guy" is in his food. WTF!! So I'm totally confused but still freaked that we have someone peeping in our windows in the early part of day or when I am not around and terrorizing my son. But I'm remaining calm for the sake of Mason. To show him that, even though I have no idea if I am full of shit, there is nothing to be scared of. That there is no "scary guy." Or maybe I am just trying to convince myself.

Either way, it has been resolved. Last night while reading books to Mason, Fred figured it out. We have a bunch of Snappy pop up books that he was given for birthdays and one is called "Snappy Sounds." It is about Halloween and has a picture of a ghost on the cover. Mason pulls it out, points to the ghost and says, "scary guy." Jesus Christ, you have got to be kidding me. THIS is the "scary guy" he's been referring to? THIS is the "scary guy" that has caused me sleepless nights and constant paranoia?

Totally relieved I won't have to call the cops for protection or beg Fred to get the security system that is hooked up to every freaking window and door on the house activated, I ask myself, "What the hell is wrong with my child?" Why did he have to freak the ever living crap out of me over a stupid picture of a ghost on a book. *exasperated sigh* Because he is a child, and that is what children do. Freak out their parents until the day we die.
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