Sunday, March 3, 2013

Simple Things Sunday: through the eyes of a child

Last night while I was doing an emergency load of laundry, Sophie decided to stay in the mudroom and watch as her beloved ladybug blankie got washed. You see, it's the end of the world when her blankie gets dirty, and then I have to listen to her scream at bedtime when she doesn't have it. I try to pick my battles and this is not one of them, for I dearly appreciate sleep. Especially when my kids are doing it.

Fred was working on some code for his GPS's and I returned to coloring Wizard 101 characters at the table with Mason. We happened upon a section of their website that has a sampling of their characters to print out and color. Mason has been on a coloring binge ever since. I haven't really minded because coloring was a favorite past time in my childhood and something I still enjoy to this day. Coloring is probably one of the few activities that I can do with my kids for hours. After a few moments Sophie started to yell out to me, "Mommy! Mommy I need you." I half sarcastically replied, "When do you not need me?" She didn't get my humor and was only more persistent that I come and see this RIGHT NOW. As much as I knew it wasn't anything serious, the excitement in her voice had me curious.

I was just finishing up coloring a section, so I could see what she wanted, when I heard her yell, "Mommy come look! Come look, Mommy! The clothes are having so much fun!"
And that folks, is the wonderful mind of a three year old. When you can take something as simple as a load of laundry spinning round and round in the washing machine and turn it into something exciting, there is something special in that. I hate laundry, but I'm starting to wonder, if I tried to approach it like a three year old, would it be more enjoyable?
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Saturday, March 2, 2013

I'm not usually one to pray but...

It's already March and I am starting to think we may never get that one big snowfall I have been praying for. It's been cold enough on more than one occasion, yet the most significant snowfall we've had was only a dusting that barely covered the grass. Such a disappointment, as I hoped we would get the chance to make at least one snowman and take a few trips down the small hill on the side of our house in the sled. I mean really, the northeast has gotten buried among 2-3 feet of snow, Utah is having record snowfall, Texas had a blizzard, and Arizona, did you hear that, even Arizona got snowfall. But each storm has managed to just miss us here in Virginia. Where's the love?

There are reports of a snow storm making its way to the east by Wednesday, but as the many snow storms before it, the prediction is that it will just miss our area by a hair. I heard on WTOP the other day that the last significant snow we had in March was 1999. I suppose it is time to admit that this may be my only chance to post any pictures of the kids having fun in the snow this year.
January 24th, I was awoken by a phone call from the Public Information Officer stating that school was on a two hour delay. This is a new concept that I haven't quite gotten used to yet this year; getting a phone call from the county letting you know when the school is delayed or closed due to inclement weather. How far we have come from the days when I was in school. The kids were biting at my heals to get outside, jumping up and down, and screaming that it snowed.
Above, Sophia is making her best snow angel out of what little snow there was. After much testing, it was decided the driveway was the best spot.
They loved chasing each other around the yard, and up and down the hill. It was the most insignificant snowfall but you couldn't tell that to these two. You would have thought they found Heaven on Earth. Although it could have cabin fever that caused their eagerness to get their snowsuits on and be outside- to play, jump, slide, throw, roll, run, and laugh in the glorious white landscape.

Just look at those smiles. Wouldn't you wish for an inch or two just to experience the rush of adrenaline and pure excitement that is the ultimate snow day? Ah, to relive my childhood; to feel alive and enjoy the day without trepidation. If I could get just one day of that, it will have been worth all the headache of stock piling essentials while dodging the masses at our local supermarket, enduring the boredom of missing school, and the labor intensive task of cleaning off cars and shoveling the driveway. Snow Gods, if you are out there, please hear my prayer and send us some snow.
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