Sunday, March 22, 2009

Thomas and Friends

About a year ago I saw on someone's blog that they took close up photos of their son's toys and then hung them up in his room.  I had always thought this was an ingenious idea and wanted to do something like that for Mason.  I had filed the idea away in my projects folder and moved on.

Mason's room is decorated in the theme of Disney Pixars Cars. He loves Cars!!!  The only full length movie he has sat through.  While he loves his cars he has developed a second obsession; Thomas the Engine.  He has a lot of Thomas videos and wants every freaking train from the collection.  Grandma of course, spoils him by getting him a new train every Sunday when he visits (I think he has like 15 at her house now).  He did get a few for his second birthday and I am guilty of indulging my son with a few trains here and there.  My justification for doing so; they are on sale or I have a 50% coupon from A.C. Moore (which has come to be known as the choo-choo store).  Now he has about 10-12 trains here at home as well and he can name each and every one of them.  He can even name the ones I have never heard of before.  Realizing Thomas and Friends is consuming our lives and my house, I thought it would be nice for Mason to have a bit of Thomas in his room to display.  *Light bulb goes off*  Ah, ha!!  The project I filed away racing to my mind.  Wouldn't it be awesome if I did a photo collage of his favorite trains and hung them in his room.

Excited about my new project, I waste not time setting up a mock photo shoot of  Mason's Thomas trains.  I set my camera to the macro setting, set them up with a neutral background and some good lighting and shot away.  Mason even got into it, handing me train after train to photograph.  Once finished and downloaded onto my computer, I cropped and converted each one to black and white and bought some cheap frames in various sizes (4x6, 5x7, 8x10).  I then resized each photo, printed them out, cut and framed them.  Messing around with the orientation for awhile I finally decided on the perfect arrangement.  Enlisting the help of my handy dandy husband we got them all hung up.  Voila!

(The collage as it hangs on his wall)

(A close up of some of the photos)  

I am rather impressed with myself.  I think it turned out awesome.  Better than I expected.  Now I am really inspired to do more projects.  I have the next one in the works already for the half bath.  Stay tuned for the results!!
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