Monday, January 14, 2013

January 2013

2013 was rung in with our good friends, the Butlers. They hosted a small get together at their home. It is always a treat spending time with them, as Mason and Sophie get along so well with their girls, she has three. Her youngest, about 7 months at the time, is such a happy baby. She would scream with excitement, to which Sophie would cover her ears and Mason would laugh. Veronica was truly entertaining.

The kids brought over their LeapPads, and lets just say that was the BEST IDEA EVER! Mason, Sophie, Genevieve, and Aubrey disappeared almost immediately and non-stop played with the LeapPads all night. I think Shelly and Gabe have a new purchase to make.

The adults spent the night drinking, laughing, and reminiscing till it was time to count down. Poor Aubrey and Mason were passed out by 10pm, while Sophie and Genevieve were still rockin'. I totally thought Sophie would make it till midnight. Then at 11:50pm we looked over and there she was looking so cute fast asleep on the couch. 10 minutes, she had only ten minutes left! Oh well, there is always next year.

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