Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bugged out

Not sure how it started this time.  Usually it begins with me seeing a spider (or nasty bug), screaming my head off, Fred running to my rescue thinking I'm dying only to find out it's just a little bug, then him getting upset at me for acting like a lunatic.   This ultimately results in the periodic conversation about my "irrational fears," according to Fred.  Namely my fear of spiders and most things buggy.  

This particular time we were in the car on the way home from Lowe's, no bugs in site that I recall. Fred was mentioning that we should go to the zoo and see the spider exhibit.  My response was a hysterical, "HELL NO!  They are all crawling free in there.  Are you crazy!?"  Fred just rolls his eyes and tells me not to push my fears onto Mason.  I give a stern look, knowing that I am just trying to protect my child from the blood sucking horrors that are nasty creepy ass spiders.  Fred of course tries to assure me that the exhibit is perfectly safe, but deep down I am not convinced.  He tells me that my payback will be Mason will growing up to be some kind of a spider connoisseur.  I tell him that he won't be into spiders if we don't expose him to them.  Now home he is taking Mason's jacket off and tells him in a jokingly sort of tone, "Mommy's bugged out by buggy stuff."  Mason erupts into laughter.  The full belly laugh that causes him to suffer from hiccups for the next 20 minutes.  Fred continues to repeat the phrase with Mason cracking up each time.  I can't help laughing at Mason's belly laugh but I am so NOT AMUSED by their enjoyment at my expense.  

It's getting late so we head up stairs for the nightly routine.  
Sit on potty.
Brush teeth.
Put on night time pull-up and P.J.'s
Get ba-ba
Climb into bed and read a book.

Halfway up the stairs Mason starts to repeat Fred's hysterical phrase.  It comes out, "bug out my buggy stuff."  Fred is laughing.  All through reading The Going to Bed Book by Sandra Boynton, Mason is repeating the phrase.  Fred trying to hold it together and me ready to just walk out of the room.   

Now heading downstairs after putting Mason to bed I seethe to Fred in a loud whisper, "You are an evil, evil person!"  He looks shocked exclaming, "WHAT!  It's not my fault he finds that funny."  Then from somewhere upstairs I hear a little voice repeating, "bug out my buggy stuff.  Bug out my buggy stuff."  I instantly snap my head in Fred's direction, eyes wide as I can make them and point up the stairs.  Fred is in hysterics, he can't help it.   

I admit it was a bit amusing, but I was not ready to give up my annoyance of the fact that my husband was encouraging our son to make fun of me.  He tells me that the Briggs family tradition continues.  He is referring to his awful brother who, in high school, used to find spiders in their basement and save them for when I came over just so he could terrorize me.  I turn to leave when Fred stops me, seeing that I am started to get mad.  "Hey I am just trying to give you something to blog about babe."  Gee honey, thanks so much for thinking of me.  

The following morning, at the butt crack of dawn, Mason comes walking into our bedroom and climbs into bed with us.  After a few moments what do you think I heard?

"Mommy, bug out by buggy stuff!"  *Fred silently trying to hide his chuckle*
Thanks guys.  I love you both too!!!
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