Saturday, February 28, 2009

It's the Simple Things

Fred has yet another mustang that he is fixing up and recently bought some parts and tools for the project.  They arrived in boxes full of wrapping paper that sat in our foyer for days before Mason discovered them.  He has taken to playing with this paper religiously.  Running around the house and piling it up and jumping on it.  Funny, but also very messy.  

This morning he was once again playing with the paper and instead of freaking out about the mess being made and eventually left for me to clean up I decided to join in.  Mason was thrilled, grabbing my hand while saying, "mommy play paper too," and showing where to stand.  He was jumping on and off the couch, emersed in the paper and I found that I couldn't resist the urge to pick up a big pile and throw it on top of him.  This caused Mason to erupt into fits of giggles so contagious I was laughing too.  For 30 minutes we engaged in this non-stop fun.  Mason jumping on the couch waiting for the pile of wrapping paper I would inevitably throw on top of him.  Then he would jump off, paper trailing behind him, to the other end of the room, turn around and head back.  Picking up another pile I would throw it at him as he was barreling full steam toward the couch.  This was even more delightful to him.  On and on it went, piles of shredded paper covering the floor, couch, Mason and myself.  A special moment shared between mother and son.  I began to think about those Johnson and Johnson commercials, you know the ones where they state "Having a baby changes everything."  This scene would be perfect.  I used to watch those commercials longing for moments just like the ones the parents were experiencing.  Now here I was in my family room with my 2 year old son smiling and laughing as if nothing else mattered than our little game.  Oh how true it is that parenthood changes us.   

Who knew you could have so much fun with a few rolls of old wrapping paper?
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