Saturday, April 11, 2009

Weekend of Celebrations

Won't be on much this weekend but I wanted to wish everyone a Hoppy Easter!  hahahaha

We are having dinner with Fred's extended family, most of whom we haven't seen in many months to a year, and my parents and sister have been invited as well.  So it will be great to have everyone together.  

Being that it is "grandma sunday" tomorrow, Mason will be at my parents for the afternoon.  I had hoped to use this time to "celebrate" our anniversary since it fell during the week but it seems that Fred has plans to work on the yard so it looks like another year of no official celebration.   Cest la vie.

One last celebration to mention.  I recently added a counter to my blog if you hadn't noticed.  I was curious to see just how many people, if any, were actually reading my blog.  It turns out quite a few people.   I reached 100 hits as of tonight.  Woohoo!!!  So thanks to all of you for reading my blog and making me feel as if I have something a least a little bit interesting to say.  

Have a great holiday weekend, be back sometime next week with updated belly pics.  Stay tuned!
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