Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Baby Bumb + Jelly Bean Eggs

32 weeks, 3 days and counting.......

That means I have exactly 44 days to go till I check into the hospital and get this little girl out of my belly.  Can you tell I'm just a little bit anxious to be done?  This pregnancy has been anything but my favorite.  Just this morning I woke up at 3am to the feeling of having my ribs crushed and unable to breathe properly.  I am finding it hard to believe that this girl has anymore room to grow.  Not to mention the little things in life I take for granted every day that I am not 8 months pregnant.  For example: tying my shoes, shaving, laying on my back and stomach, walking up and down stairs, getting up from the couch, playing with my son and of course drinking alcohol.  The first showings of stretch marks appeared and it seems that everything I put on makes me feel and look fat.  It is the home stretch (literally) and it's brutal.  Especially in my fragile state.  I've tried to get into the spirit of all things girl and *gulp* the color pink.  Finding this ironic since I was also disappointed at first when finding out Mason was a boy but fully embraced all things rough and tough.  Trains, cars, trucks, puppies, mud, fearlessness and the color blue.  So much that my new favorite color scheme is turquoise blue + dark brown;  the color of my scraproom.   Yes I have deviated from my signature color of purple.  But don't worry I haven't abandoned it.  That would be crazy.  In fact, much to Fred's dismay, Mason has learned to embrace the power of purple.  *I really did end up with a child just like me, only the opposite sex.*  I'm sure I will get back into "girl mode" once I hold her in my arms.  But who said girls can't like cars, trains and getting dirty?


Easter morning was a little bit like Christmas morning.  Seeing the excitement on Mason's face when we asked if the Easter Bunny came.  The sound of his voice as he exclaimed, "there's an egg!  It's pink," while peering through the banister to the foyer below.  It was the happiest thing watching him run around the house searching for egg after egg and feeling so proud when he found one.  I also love the way he says Mr. Potato Head.  
Dinner with the Briggs clan and my parents was short but nice.  Aiden and Mason enjoyed chasing each other on the play set at Janet's, Fred got his butt kicked by Keith in ping pong, and I enjoyed a meal that I didn't have to cook.  *Note to self:  get recipe of chicken chalupas from Grandma Veda.*
Next year I'll have to try out that technique of dying eggs with silk that I saw on the Martha Stewart show.  

**Correction to post.  Fred did not get his butt kicked at ping pong.  Just lost.  
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  1. I happen to see the Ping Pong game and I thought Fred did very well for not having played in 10+ years. The match seemed very close and I think he was a long was off from getting his butt kicked!!

  2. LOL! I suppose he didn't actually get his butt kicked. I will make a note in my original posting. Clearly there is no competitive spirit in the Briggs family. :)