Saturday, April 18, 2009


Our tree has finally blossomed out front. Tulips and other flowery bushes are starting to peek through and make an appearance. It seems that signs of Spring are sprouting everywhere and despite my sudden inability to regulate my body heat, I am hoping this warm weather is actually here to stay.

Spring days like this are when I long to have my body back. To feel normal again, so I can chase my son around and sit on the driveway and draw circles of chalk. When I can lay on my back with the windows open, the spring air filling the room, eating strawberries and sipping vanilla coke. It's days like today when my husband and his friend get together to detail, wash and buff their corvettes while my son supervises, that are naturally fun. Spring is a time when I feel blessed, relaxed and genuinely happy.

Everyone seems to be in a better mood when the sun is shinning and we are able to venture into the outdoors without fear of blowing away or freezing our butts off. I love Spring!! It is one of my favorite seasons, next to Fall. It is when neighborhoods seems to come alive. Lawns are green and plush, trees have bloomed beautiful blossoms of pink and white, and you can hear the laughter of kids and adults alike.

So here's to Spring! Enjoy it while it lasts!

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