Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Potty Wars Part 1

I was not graced with the gift of patience. Especially for situations I couldn't necessarily control. Something I continually work on since becoming a mom. This is probably not he most ideal trait to be lacking while trying to potty train a sensitive, highly dramatic 2 year old, but you work with what you got.

I read all the potty books. Even sat through the Elmo Potty video numerous times, trying not to feel embarrassed every time the kids yelled out, "doody" or "tinkle" on the dvd. I highlighted all the pointers and earmarked pages I knew I'd want to reference again. When I was satisfied I had the knowledge I needed, I devised my plan and after some procrastinating (because once a procrastinator, always a procrastinator) implemented said plan.

I think I should just accept the fact that things never turn out the way I expect, take a few deep breaths, count to 20 and move on.
So I failed miserably the first day. I half expected that he would at least have peed once in the potty. Instead I seemed to have just missed the window each time. Not sure where I am going wrong. He willingly sat for the 5 min. minimum as stated in the books (usually for 15min. or more). I entertained him with puzzles, books and videos. Each time the result was nada. Then he would end up peeing in his pull ups 2o min. later. The reason I know, is that I would smell the pee, or see that the images had faded (like the package said they would when wet). I asked if he peed, he'd say no, and I'd question if he felt the wet diaper. Either he enjoys sitting in wetness or he couldn't feel it. *sigh*

Back to square one. It was only the first day though, so not totally dismayed. In the hopes that there was a schedule developing, I wrote down all the times he peed in his pull ups. I will now aim to anticipate his potty needs based on these times tomorrow in the hopes of achieving even the smallest bit of success. Although in order to do this I must learn to curb my frustration because the more traumatic I make this for Mason the harder I make it on both of us to reach our goal.

Buckle up!! I'm in for a loooooong, bumpy ride. *help*
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