Thursday, January 15, 2009

This was the view I woke up to this morning.  I had to do a double take as I was taking Mason to get his diaper changed.  I stared blearing eyed for a few seconds not sure of what exactly I was seeing.  Then I thought, "oh wow!  It snowed!!!"  The first snowfall of the year and of the winter season.  Too bad it didn't last that long.  It is 9:30am and already melting.  Oh well.  I'm sure there will be more days I get to wake up to a marshmellow world.   It is only January.
Mason has always liked watching videos and looking at pictures of himself.  I read in my latest Creating Keepsakes magazine (February issue), studies have demonstrated that showing a child pictures of himself raises his self-esteem.   I can only think of how much confidence Mason must be gaining after having watched this video of himself jumping on the air track at The Little Gym this morning.  He was watched it at least 10 times already while I have been making pancakes.  Every time I open my computer he asks for "Mason jumpin gym cwass."

You know that study has made me think.  I never thought of being a photographer as building confidence in others.  I don't see my photographs in that way but it kind of puts Scrapbooking in a new perspective for me.  Just knowing that making these albums will help my children (and other family members) feel good about themselves makes them even more meaningful for me to create.  That said, I really need to get my butt in gear and finish an album. Mason is already two and our second child will be here in May and I haven't even finished my Wedding album, much less Mason's first year album.  I have finished albums, they have just all been gifts for others.  Guess I better get cracking if I want all these done by the time the new one arrives.  God knows I won't have any time once I have a newborn AND a toddler to raise.

Mason has really been enjoying his gym class.  This is our third session with The Little gym and he has really been learning a lot of skills.  Even made a friend.  It's also been a nice treat for me, especially in the winter, to have a place to take Mason where he can get out all his energy and have fun.  This past week was his "graduation" from the Beasts class.  I can't believe 20 weeks went by already. Of course I forgot that it was the last class of the season, being that we just got home from Oregon, but I always carry my camera with me so I was able to capture a few moments.
                         Showing of the skills he has learned over the last 20 weeks in class.

Mason's two favorite things:  balls and bubbles.

Mason and Zohair (best friends) hanging from the bar, their new favorite thing to do at class.   Mason with Mr. Chad, the instructor for the Beasts class and also the owner, getting his ribbon for finishing the session.

Well I guess I should get out of my pajamas and robe, take a shower and venture out now that the snow is pretty much all gone.  I am starting to feel better and there are only so many days that I can be shut in my house before going crazy.
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