Saturday, January 24, 2009

Lazy Days

The scene at my house on a typical Saturday afternoon.  Well actually this is a typical scene just about any night of the week.  We call it "crazy baby."  Although I'm not sure we can call it that anymore since Mason isn't a baby but a big boy now.  His favorite thing, it seems is to just run around in a circle, fall, twirl till he is dizzy, fall and then run around some more.  It always makes me smile, inside and out, when I see my little man just being goofy.   This particular day I was thinking, "please run, get out all the energy so you will take a good nap."

He is down now so I can blog.  This one will be short though.  I have a new book that I am dying to start reading.  It will of course be added to my long list of "currently reading", because once you are a stay at home mom you never have much time to yourself and you have to choose what is high priority.  Usually taking a nap myself takes the top spot, but today I am going to indulge in a bit of reading (non parenting, baby, toddler related).  

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!
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