Monday, January 12, 2009

Home Sweet Home

It's always good to be home after a trip away.  That is if your home doesn't look like a tornado just came through, and you have piles of laundry needing to be done and no food in the house. Nor does it help that you are suffering from a horrible cold and happen to be pregnant so can't really take too much to remedy that situation.   But non the less you are home, where you can sleep in your own bed, and get back into the routine of your everyday life.  

Our trip to Oregon was good.  Mason was the best on the airplane, we couldn't have been prouder.   He enjoyed looking at all the airplanes while driving in the shuttle and seeing all the cars and stuff out the window.  He even had to show his lovie everything.  It was too damn cute, Fred and I were silently laughing at all the cuteness he was oozing.  

*looking out the window on the shuttle at Dulles Airport

Our first day there we visited the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum in McMinville (  This is the home of the Spruce Goose.  Fred and I came here four years ago on my first visit to Oregon.  Mason loved the airplanes.  He got to pretend to fly some in the kid area.  There was a second museum that wasn't there last time that had all the space information in it.  It was pretty cool.  Despite the rain it was a good day.  Chris, Fred's brother, arrived from Reno that evening.  He is always good for a laugh.  Unfortunately later that night I got real sick. Must have been something I ate cause I was fine the next day.   This pregnancy is really doing a number on me.  

Wednesday was the memorial for Marie.  It was a lovely service.  Once again it was raining, pouring.  Marie, Fred's Grandmother, was an incredible woman.  I wish I'd had the chance to get to know her better.  I only met her twice and she made me laugh.  She was a very giving woman and always had a few pennies for the grandkids.  Even Mason has a few.  She's been known as "Penny Grandma" because of it.  I think I will always look at pennies and think of her.   
Thursday we had "Christmas" with everyone.  David, Chris' twin, his wife Melissa and their son Henry came over and later we all had professional portraits taken as a surprise for my Mother in Law.  We got some really cute ones of the family and of Mason and I.  I never get pictures of me and Mason cause I'm always behind the camera.  

Mason had a ton of laughs just hanging out at the house.  The boys were playing ball with some of Mason's toys I got some good shots of them having fun.  
*playing ball with Uncle Chris

Uncle Chris is also a very bad influence.  Back in July when he and his girlfriend, Cynthia, came to visit; Chris tried to teach Mason how to do "Mardi Gras."  That is, pull up his shirt and say, "Mardi Gras."  It didn't work back then.  Unfortunately it took this time.  So much that at the photo shoot my son, much to my embarrassment, walked up to a group of strangers pulling up his shirt and saying "Ma-e Gra."  Thank god, they didn't really notice and he was hard to understand anyway.  *shaking my head*  Chris, Chris!!!!  I owe you, and it is coming to you so watch out!  Below is a picture of the two deviants in action.  
*Mardi Gras: the horrible influence of my brother in law.

Friday I woke up with the worst cold and it got worse as the day grew on.  The worst was flying home all stuffed up and the excruciating pain I felt in my ear while landing.  It took me two days to finally pop and unclog my ears and head.  I think the sudafed has helped.  But we all got home safely (of course it was pouring down rain when we arrived home as well) and getting back into our routine.  *sigh*  

Of to laundry land......

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