Tuesday, January 13, 2009

*think pink*

Had my prenatal appointment on Monday.  Heard the baby's heartbeat right away.  It was a relief. Mason charmed the nurses once again.  We called the hospital to schedule the c-section. It is tentative for May 28th.  Waiting on the approval from the hospital which I won't know until my next appointment (a month from now).  But for now at least the thought of a date that this little one will make an appearance is enough.  
Today was 20 week sonogram.  I could hardly sleep last night and was up early, in a cheery mood this morning.  I quickly prepared waffles for Mason and myself, downed two bottles of water, got dressed and ran out the door.  I had just enough time to grab a quick cup of coffee at Starbucks before the big debut.  I had to pee so bad by the time I was laying on that table.  The technician was nice enough to make it quick and let me relieve myself before continuing the exam.  She was awesome and I got to see so much of my little sweet pea.  Being very cooperative, all the measurements were done and then on to the main event.  Is it a boy or girl? Well from what we could tell it was a girl.  We looked hard and a few different time but never saw the special package that comes with a boy.  So who knows.  It doesn't feel as definitive as when we found out Mason was a boy, but then again, a girl is never 100%.  Guess we will know for sure when the little one arrives into the world this May.  Till then I will be referring to my growing belly as "she."  Guess Mason will get his wish of having a baby sister, he's been saying he wants one for the past two weeks.  Now I just need to try to relax the next four months and make a list of girl names for Fred to veto.  
Now I am going to nurse my cold and get some sleep.  Hopefully. Oh, I forgot.  Here are some photos of the gorgeous little Briggs girl to be:
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