Saturday, January 30, 2010

7 months

It's amazing how fast the time has flown by with the second child. I feel like there is so much I wanted to do with her as a baby and as far as she has come she still has so far to go and I wonder what the next five months will bring.

Right now she is 20-21lbs. (20lbs. 70z. as of her 6 month check up) that is the 99% percentile. Actually she is off the charts. To put that in persepective I have friends whose 1 year olds are between 20 and 22 lbs. She is 26.5 inches. So equally growing in height as she is in weight. It's going to be about time to move her from the snugride to a regular car seat. Though we are holding out cause it's just too damn cold out to be fumbling in my car trying to install the new one.
With all that said she is continuing to hone in on some skills. She is sitting up really well. And hit that grabby stage. You know the one where you have to move anything and everything out of a 10 foot radius of her because she WILL get into it. Yeah we are there. The tissue box is the worst. Every time I turn around and then look back she has another tissue in her hand in complete shreds. *sigh*
A typical scene in my house of late. Her relationship with Mason has become one of love and hate. Sophie so close to being on the move, Mason finds it very difficult to come to terms with her touching his cars. Which are EVERYWHERE. Enter the stage of lessons in sharing. Which honestly is going to be a bit difficult when I myself at the age of 30 find it difficult to share certain things (namely stuff in my scrapbook room and certain foods). Maybe this will be a lesson learned for all of us. Either way it's going to be a long, constant running lesson. I feel this.
Speaking of on the move. She is so so so so close to crawling it is killing me. She gets up on her hands and knees and rocks back and forth. She can push backwards and go side to side but not forward. And she gets SO FRUSTRATED when she sees something she wants and can't get to it. I'm all like, I hear ya girl. It's frustrating for me to. JUST CRAWL ALREADY! Though I also know that once that happens all the toys constantly on the floor need to be cleaned up, we gotta go shopping for new baby gates that fit the stairs, and I gotta be on my toes aware of where she is at all ALL times. Am I really ready for that?

*as a side note, she just turned 8 months on thursday and learned how to push herself up into a sitting position. She had no idea why we were clapping and cheering for her but she loved it just the same. Still no crawling. And while Mason was off and moving fast at this point, I am trying really hard to remember she is a different person and develops in her own way. And to not constantly compare her to Mason.
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