Friday, January 29, 2010

The Sickies

Our home has been invaded by the yucky icky sickies. It started off with Mason having what we though was a harmless cold. Then Sophie showing signs of that cold. Then Sophie vomiting. And with the knowledge of our friends child having RSV, who we spent some time with that weekend, off to the ER we went. Some Zofran, a test and a dinosaur shaped nebulizer later it was confirmed. RSV had penetrated my sweet little babies vulnerable immune system. Just had to monitor her the next few days. That didn't seem so bad.

Then Mason peed his bed. He's NEVER done that. He didn't even wake up and it was a struggle to do so just to change his sheets and pajamas. He got upset when he noticed his clothes were wet. He'd had not idea. Then back to bed. Upon waking up the following morning he started complaining about his ear hurting. The doctors office not being open yet not much we could do. But he's complained about stuff like this before. But than again he was acting excessively fussy and a little lethargic. Then he vomitted. And continued to do so for the next four hours. Even in the waiting room of the doctors office. It was confirmed. He had an ear infection. My poor baby boy. Once home he got the first dose of bubble gum flavored amoxicillin. And you know what they haven't changed that formula in 20+ years because it smelled just how I remembered it from childhood. So sick and tired he couldn't find the energy to go upstairs to get some rest. Instead he curled up on the floor behind the couch with his pillow, Thomas blanket and Lovies and was passed out by the time I turned around. He stayed there for his entire 3 hour nap. He was definitely sick and feeling bad because it takes quite a lot to slow down my powerhouse of a son.

Once the amoxicillin was in his system he was like his old self again. And I felt a little bit guilty for wishing he was still sick because at least then he had slowed down to a pace I could keep up with. While he was on the mend Sophie was seemingly getting worse. Very difficult for her to breathe and a fever as high as 103.9. At the same time Mason woke up with a barky, seal like cough, all too reminiscent of the croup he had just after Christmas back in 2007. Back to the doctors for a third time. Here it was determined that Mason had the RSV first but only presented itself as a cold since he is older and passed it on to Sophie. His ear looked fine but confirmed he has the croupy sound in his lungs. Sophie's ear showed a slight redness, swelling but hard to tell due to wax. Nose extremely stuffed and also presenting the croupy cough. Not much we can do but monitor her fever.

Oh did I mention that Fred has it too? The wet cough, sore throat, cold symptoms. I have managed to stay fairly healthy. One morning of vomit and sore throat, stuffy nose but after a good days sleep I am better. So as I said we have a house full of the yucky, icky, sickies and I CAN'T WAIT till Spring.

*as a side note. The kiddos are on the mend. Hardly hear the croupy cough if at all. Sophie is breathing MUCH better. Fever gone. Keeping my fingers crossed that nothing new pops up and we are heading into the clear for the remainder of the season.
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