Monday, February 1, 2010

a hoose

There is an episode of Max and Ruby that came on recently and since we have the brilliant invention of DVR (though it's beginning to be on my list but that is a different story) we get to watch this particular episode anytime we want. In Mason's world this means just about every morning.

This particular episode is called Duck Duck Goose. A fun, energetic game. And if you had a childhood, I'm sure you played it at least once. I have a feeling this game will be seen being played at our house this spring and summer. It's just a hunch but, knowing my son loves to run and his favorite game of late is to chase him or us around the house, it gets pretty tiring fast. But hey I can log it into my chart on Wii fit so I suppose it's a win-win. Seeing as you chase someone around in a circle until either you tag the Duck or sit down, Duck Duck Goose is sure to be a hit with him and me (I admit it was one of my faves growing up).

Anyway. So why am I going on and on about a childhood game and what does this have to do with Max and Ruby? Well only that they play the game on the show and Mason LOVES to watch it. And well when asking for the episode this morning, it was so damn cute, he says, "Mommy I want to watch the hoose episode." Huh the what? And he looks at me all like, Come on Mom get with it. And says, Oh you know, the one where Max runs around and says Duck. Duck. A Hoose. Ha, ha, ha. Right. Of course. Silly me. I knew that. ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

Sometimes he just spits out the funniest things and I can't help but be that Mom, the one who loves the way he mispronounces things. Though in reality I should be correcting him since he will be going to preschool in the fall. The BIG BOY he is. But for now I'm going to indulge myself in him still being my funny little baby boy.
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