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December Daily: Days 19, 20, 21, 22

Day 19

This day was supposed to be our Family Christmas with my Mom's family (the Seaman Clan) but the 12+ inches of snow we got cancelled those plans. So being snowed in we decided to have movie day. And of course Mason chose to watch The Polar Express. His new favorite movie. This year was the first any of us had seen the film and it is really good. One of the better kids movies. I really like the message of the film as well. I believe this will have a permanent spot on our list of movies to watch during the holidays from now on. Here is a better look at the page. I did it all digitally in Photoshop Elements. The photo I picked up of the internet.

Supplies: Fiskars apron lace border punch, Digital Winter Ribbon (mfr. unknown)

Day 20

Supplies: Martha Stewart doily lace border punch, paper bag, PSE 8.0

For this day I created a ticket stub in Photoshop Elements for the date. I think it turned out pretty good. I then printed out a few pictures I took of our house and around our neighborhood. Then placed them into the paper bag.

Here are a few of the photos I took and placed in the bag for the day. It's a good documentation of how much snow we actually got. I think a few of them might be an idea for a Christmas card next year.

Supplies: Ali Edwards Holiday Word Art, Katie Pertiet cut ups Christmas
Day 21

I honestly don't remember what we did this day. I didn't write anything down and I didn't have any pictures. So I had to get creative.

I'm a big fan of music. I like to listen to it to cheer me up, get me moving or help me when I am being creative. I especially LOVE Christmas music. Though I do believe there is a time and limit as to when it should be played. Yes. I am talking to you WASH FM. Who plays Christmas music 24/7 even before Thanksgiving. Totally ridiculous. I even heard a few stores playing it during the month of November. I mean really? Just ridiculous. I can't get into the holiday spirit until Thanksgiving is over at the earliest. December 1st is really a lot more reasonable. And to retailers who put out holiday (really any holiday) items out way before even Halloween. I know the economy is suffering and you are trying to get the most money possible to stay alive. But seriously? No wonder we are all Christmased out by the time it actually arrives. It is being stuffed down our throats for three months! And case in point I saw Valentine's candy and other items at the grocery store today as well as Bathing suits at Target a few days after Christmas. Bathing suits. Really? REALLY!?

Anyway I digressed. The point is that I love Christmas music and have an overabundance of it on my iPod. Over 200. Thank you iTunes, my sister, Jenni and Aunt Vicki for helping make that possible. I listen to it when decorating the tree. When cooking sometimes. And of course when making our family tradition sugar cookies on Christmas Eve. So it seems only appropriate to give my Christmas playlist it's own page in my December album.

Supplies: iTunes, AC calendar date rubons, rubons mfr. unkown, Martha Stewart acrylic stamps

iTunes has a feature that you can print a playlist for a CD jewel case insert. I chose the style of mosaic for my playlist. Then printed it out on photo paper and attached it to the back of the paper bag for day 20. Which conveniently had the FA LA LA stamped on it. Then added the 21 and happy holiday rub-ons.

Day 22

Today, I think , is one of the cutest photos and the sweetest stories.

It started off as a normal day. Me and the kids in our pajamas sitting in front of the tube for the majority of the morning. But seeing as my Mother-in-Law was arriving that evening we couldn't stay like this all day. So off to take a shower. I left Mason downstairs to watch his new favorite show, The Fresh Beat Band. Sophie was put in the bouncer why I showered. I was half expecting Mason to appear with a bucket full of cars to play with in the tub like he usually does. But not this time. I got dressed and dressed Sophie then placed her in front of the full length mirror in our bedroom while I blow dried my hair. Suddenly I see Mason race across the room and plop down next to Sophie. And there they are, my two cuties, sitting in front of the mirror looking at themselves, each other and I couldn't resist. I grabbed my camera and clicked away.
Here is a close up:

Supplies: Ali Edwards Remember Word Art

and yes, the baby plummer's crack is quite adorable too. Don't think that hasn't been pointed out to me a few times in showing this album around.

I'm glad I got this memory documented. It is moments like this that I want to remember 1, 2..., 10 years down the line.

With the holidays at an end. Finally. I am desperately trying to play catch up with my album. So stay tuned for more pages to be posted s they are finished.
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