Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Summer Adventures: Rocknocerous

Last week our group decided to come up with an indoor activity after the horrendous, sickening heat we endured at the animal park. Yeah, we weren't going to make that mistake again. So after much going back and forth on Facebook (we plan all our get togethers over Facebook. Ah, social networking. How we'd be lost without it) we chose the children's musical group, Rocknocerous who plays at Dulles Town Center, outside Macy's, every Thursday morning at 11am.

Our plan was to meet at the play area at 10:30am figuring that would give us enough time. My friend Dani and I met at Jared's at 10am to drop off some jewelry that needed to be fixed and headed off to the mall. We ran into Emily in the parking lot and headed to Macy's, meeting Ginger once over there. I was unaware as to how popular this event would be because as we strolled up, it was packed.
Seriously there are people who come to this EVERY WEEK. I wasn't sure what to expect but we ended up having a blast.

Mason, wanting to be able to see while he jammed out, was standing on the stroller and bouncing up and down. Of course this meant Sophie couldn't see so I eventually let her out to walk/crawl around. The mom's all grabbed a coffee at the shop behind us and I shared my marshmallow campfire concoction with Mason. I think he just wanted the whip cream and marshmallows.
We all sat or stood where there was room and watched the show.
While the boys, Mason and James, danced and played and jammed to the sounds of the trio, echoing throughout the open area of the mall.
Even Sophie rocked it out. In between moments of stealing James' pretzels, as I discovered she can actually eat them without choking. Check, for another snack food available on the ever growing list of things she is eating these days.

This video always makes me laugh. Seeing her dance, stop to eat, and then dance again. All the while sporting that over-exaggerated smile which makes my heart sing.

Halfway through the show I had this thought of me in Elementary School, sitting in the cafeteria listening to the hysterically funny music of Barry Louis Polisar. If you haven't heard his music, I highly suggest it. All too funny. I grew up listening to this so much that I still remember the words to his songs. And about spit my coke out my nose when I heard All I Want is You during the opening credits of Juno, and to my husbands embarrassment tried to sing along before he made me shut up.

Ah, the memories of our childhood. They are priceless, aren't they?

I could only hope that these moments, these outings, and my documenting of them are creating little pockets of memories inside my children's heads, that they too can look back upon someday when hanging out with their kids.
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