Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Moon Dough

June 3oth(ish). I remember seeing the commercial. Promising that this would be a revolutionary new way for my kid to play. Mess Free. The parts that sold me? Hypo allergenic and Never dries out. Boy do I have sucker written all over my face because I went straight out to Target and bought the doggie house and two sets of extra colors (giving us 6 colors in total). Figured we were all set.
Then we got home took it out and played with it. And it was not what I expected at all.

I've never used or played with Moon Sand but I imagine Moon dough is a bit like that. IT GETS EVERYWHERE. The stuff is soft, actually it feels kinda weird, but it is not able to be free molded. You have to use molds which do come out very nice with awesome detail. But the stuff crumbles so easily and makes an incredible mess. Not to mention the infinite hazardous warnings in the directions. It must have stated like 6 times to avoid water/liquid. I'm not sure what happens if you get it wet but it terrified me enough to not even question. Not to mention they warn against getting it in or near your eye, and mouth. Oh and yes, you must wash your hands with soap after playing with the stuff. WTF? This is meant for 3 year olds?! Whatever.
As much fun as my son had playing with the stuff, which I made him to outside, I was paranoid the whole time of him getting it on his clothes, or in his mouth, eyes, and making him sick and god knows what else. Cause really it was the fear of God that they put into me after reading those directions.

I think it is needless to say that the remaining unopened dough went back to Target and the others straight into the trash. Play-doh is just fine. It may dry out, but I find that Non-toxic and inexpensive, far out weigh any risk to my children's health. Plus you can be way more creative with it and it comes it a whole lot more colors.
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