Sunday, July 25, 2010

Summer Adventures: Mill Recreation Center

Shortly after Sophie was born we were invited to go to the Mills Recreation Center pool by our good friends, the Poonawalas.
I remember it being a whole lot of fun. Mason especially, loving the fountains at the entrance to the big pool. He kept running in and out of them, laughing, splashing and genuinely happy. I remember leaving that day wishing that our neighborhood pool was as cool as this one. I remember coming home, downloading and editing the photos and writing a post about our day. Though it seems to have disappeared from my blog. Disappointed and bummed that I lost those memories and wallowing in my confusion as to how it happened.
A year later, we found ourselves here again. The original plan for our outing this week was to head to Great Country Farms and do some berry picking. Now wouldn't that be fun for the kids? However, the insane heat stuck around and our plans changed. It was voted to go to one of our neighborhood pools. Late Monday night Ginger came to our rescue with 5 passes to her pool. Since she lives in Ashburn Village she gets access to all the pools in that neighborhood. Mills Recreation Center being one of them.

Tuesday morning we packed up the thousands of pounds of gear (baby floats, sun hat, towels, swim diapers, sunscreen, water, snacks, etc.) and drove the short distance to the pool in order to meet our friends by 11am.

Sophie of course fell asleep in the car so I let her rest a bit while unpacking and waiting for the rest of the group.
The day ended up being not so hot and perfect weather for berry picking, but still it was a good time had by all at the pool.

While the kids played in the kiddie pool, we ordered pizza for lunch. You know I don't know why I never thought of it before, but when Amy put her daughter in the baby float in the kiddie pool, it seemed the coolest idea ever. One that I think I'll be doing again and again, on my solo trips to our pool. Sophie LOVED it. Being able to walk around and explore by herself around the pool. Mason even joined in and pushed her around for a bit.

The pizzas arrived and we took a break for lunch. While feeding Sophie her Lunchables Jr. I noticed her nodding off while trying to put the mini crackers in her mouth and missing. It was so cute, everyone started taking pictures. She was then passed out for the next hour if not at least 45 minutes.

After lunch we headed into the big pool where the boys ran and splashed through the fountains and chased and kicked and threw the ball they found nearby. Unfortunately, the rough surface of the walk areas made perfect little circle cuts on Mason's big toes causing him to bleed and shed a few tears. Especially when I tried to put on band-aids. Though a few little scrapes, bruises and cuts won't slow down my tough little guy. He didn't want to leave, neither did James, so while the rest of the group left around 2:30pm we stayed a little longer. Borrowing a squirt gun from the lost and found, thinking we should get some for our beach trip, and subsequently changing our minds once squirted in the face.

Again I left the pool wishing ours was a little more kid friendly, meaning toddler/preschool age like The Mills, and a little less like your average, traditional neighborhood pool. I guess you can't have everything, and that's why we have good friends who are willing to bring us to their kick ass pool for a fun playdate.

I love my friends.
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