Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer Adventures: Free Movie & Fountain

We attempted to go to the Free Family Film Festival happening at Regal Cinemas all over the area last week but on the way got a phone call to have a play date with Mason's best friend. Since soccer class is no longer is session they haven't seen each other in a few weeks, so we did a u-turn and had the best marathon, 8 hour, play date that ended in tears because neither wanted Mason to go home. Don't you just love it when your kids have so much they are devastated when it has to end?

Anyway, Mason had been asking me about going to the movies since then and seeing that they only play the free movies on Tuesday and Wednesday, I needed to do it this week or I'd never hear the end of it.

Now, anyone with more than one child knows that it is extremely difficult if not near impossible to get them ready and out the door on time for anything. Tuesday morning was no different. I struggled to get us all fed, dressed, lunches made and packed, swim gear packed, out the door, in the car and on the road in time to make it to the 10am show. I had planned to leave around 9ish to make it the half hour trip to the theatre. Like always we got on the road late and didn't pull into the parking lot until a little after 10am. Grab the Ergo, put Sophie in it, take Mason's hand and head into the theatre. I realize now that for something like this, is it very important to get there early. The place was packed and dark and the only seats we found were close to the front. Not ideal but we got there. Movie had already started and I didn't think about it much but when I read Charlotte's Web, I immediately thought of the cartoon that I grew up watching. Not remembering that a while back they remade the movie and it was no longer a cartoon. So boy did that cause trouble when Charlotte was introduced. I curbed my fear for Mason, in case he was watching my reaction, but I still heard his little voice say, "Mommy I want to go. I don't like the spider." I tried to see if he would get passed it but he really had no interest in watching and kept asking to go, so up we left. Me sighing in relief that I didn't shell out sixteen some odd dollars just to walk out after two minutes. I asked why he didn't like and he said it was dark and then asked about the fountain. A-ha I think that was the real reason he couldn't sit still he wanted to immediately head to the fountain. Hey, if I was a kid I would too.

So back in the car, change into our swim wear and off we go to Fairfax Corner. It had rained the previous day and was supposed to rain at some point that day so it was a bit overcast and thankfully not as hot as it had been. We were not the only ones with the idea, it seemed a Mom's play group had met there for some water fun as well. So it was their kids and mine.

Mason was apprehensive at first, like anything new, then quickly engaged and totally reminded me of our trip to Mills Recreation Center last year with his best friend. In and out of the fountain, getting soaked, sticking his face over them, laughing, asking me to join him and when I did, got soaked because I didn't realize I was standing over top one of the holes. Screaming with shock and then laughing. Mason took a few spills but like the tough guy he is, got right back up and kept running and smiling.

The Big Sploosh, which Mason called it when all the streams of water came out at once and full force, shooting high into the air. The giggles and oh, the smiles. The simple, pure joy on his face. Sophie was the opposite. Not a big fan, crying when I held her in the water, but I think that was due to it being her nap time. Though after a quick picnic lunch Mason was back out running around with the other boys and I sat with Sophie on the edge and she started to feel more secure. Bouncing up and down, standing, smiling, clapping and overall enjoying herself. I can see that she might have been intimidated by the big steams of water shooting out of the ground. Even if the baby half her size was crawling around amidst the whole chaos and loving it. In due time. She is more picky and lets face it, high-maintenance compared to her brother.

Anyway you look at it, it was an awesome day full of fun and laughter. And I'm pretty sure we'll be heading back that way before the summer ends.
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