Saturday, July 17, 2010

Summer Adventures: Neighborhood Pool

No summer can be complete with out a few trips to the neighborhood pool. When we first moved to this community two years ago, Mason was a year and a half and having had no pool in our previous neighborhood, we went almost every day. Something I have missed. The logistics of taking two kids to the pool by myself, more or less intimidating. However, I decided not to let my fear get in the way of a good time this summer. So I packed up all the swim stuff; towels, sunscreen, floaties, hats, toys, water, snacks, etc. and off we went.
Honestly is wasn't that bad. It was pretty manageable. Mason in his arm floaties and Sophie in the jet ski baby float, we navigated the big pool just fine. I think it helped that we were like the only ones there. At 11am. Still it was fun for us. Mason enjoys the baby pool more and I don't have to hold onto him or keep such a close eye and it makes things easier. I will definitely do it again. Though maybe at a later time, not so close to Sophie's nap time since she totally got cranky pants attitude and then fell asleep on my shoulder.

This summer we also decided to try out swim lessons for Mason. He had his first last Thursday.
Other than the fact that we, the coach and I, had to bribe him with a popsicle and car he did pretty good. Though agreeing to a swim lesson at 8am, what was I thinking?
He was scared at first, especially with a stranger and mommy night right there with him but after a while he warmed up and the fear lessened. Enough to even lay flat on his back and float with out reaching for me and my heart breaking from the fear in his eyes. I don't think it helped that he was still pretty tired, being that he just woke up and I shoved a tiny amount of food down his throat before shuffling us off to the pool. He eventually started to get the kicking and making splashes big enough to get me wet standing on the sidelines. Though the part he kept talking about was the blowing bubbles like candles on a birthday cake. So silly.

I am hoping we can continue. Help build his confidence and security especially when mommy is absent and really enjoy and learn something. He said he wanted to do it again and that's a good sign. I'm pretty sure he'll like it, once he gets used to it.
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