Sunday, December 21, 2008

Photos with Santa

Ever since I was about my sons age (and I'm sure even before that) my father has been dressing up as Santa and talking with children about their wants for Christmas presents while getting their picture taken. He even used to be a mall Santa. I started taking pictures of my dad as Santa when I was in high school, at a craft fair benefiting my school's marching band. These days he mostly just does Santa at church. When Mason was born we starting getting photos of him with "Santa". My dad would either come to our house or we would go to my parents. He would put on the suit, I'd get my tripod and camera all set up and do a photo shoot. This is where my major in photography actually gets some use. Since my dad had his stroke it's harder for him to play Santa but he still gets dressed up for Mason. We have to help my dad get dressed, while someone else distracts Mason (I still want him to believe in Santa). It was harder this year to keep the mystery but I think we pulled it off. I was sure Mason would know it was pop-pop but he kept calling him Santa and telling him he wanted a "big orange truck" for Christmas. I think we got some good shots this year. We've done this since Mason was a month old and will continue until my dad is no longer able to do it. That will be a sad day. I can't imagine when I will have to suck it up and stand in that horribly long line to pay for ridiculously overpriced photos of a mediocre Santa at the mall. For now I take advantage of the fact that we have one in the comforts of home and all for the bargain price of free!

Progression over the years:

Mason@1month Mason@1 year Mason@2 years

Oh, how they grow up so fast. I can't believe my baby boy is now a little man. Christmas morning won't be here soon enough. (4 days and counting)

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