Thursday, December 11, 2008

Holiday Card Time!

So once again it is that time of year when we spend so much time trying to find or make the right card to send to all our family and friends.  As well as pondering which members of our family and which friends are lucky enough to get such a piece of work.  Today I can proudly say that I have finished and sent out our Christmas Greeting this year.  Yay!!  Below is what I created this year.  
I went simple this year, unlike past years. I decided to do my own version of the highly popular photo cards.  I created this in photoshop elements using Ali Edwards Holiday Word Art brushes, Katie Pertiet flourishes and wonderland paper, and Magic sparkle photo frames by Anna Aspnes. It was surprisingly easy, as this was my first time really working with digital scrapbook elements.  I had the photos printed at Costco (cause they were the cheapest,  .39 for a 5x7).  I'm glad to have this step of the holiday season over with.  One more check on my list of many things to do.  
Another check off on my list is present shopping.  Yes, it is finally done.  I thought I would never finish.  You can't imagine how difficult it is to shop for people on a budget.  But I did it. Phew!  Now it's time to prepare for family christmas.  

My family has a tradition every year.  We used to do this tradition on Christmas when I was younger.  We all would have Christmas at our houses then meet up, usually at either my grandma's or my aunt's house, and celebrate with my mom's family.  The Seaman clan.  Now that all the cousins (that would be me) are adults, with our spouses family added to the mix, we had to change this tradition slightly.  Now we all meet up the weekend before christmas.  So no pressure to be at a million places in one day.  We also do it as a pot luck so not just one person has to prepare all the food.  Now the Briggs home has been added to the mix and this will be our third year hosting, but it is the first time in our new house.  Being the hostess though is a lot of pressure in that you have to plan the meal (ie: tell everyone what to bring) and make sure your house is in tip top shape (ie: clean like a mad woman the day before).  But it will be nice to not have to travel this year and have everyone see our new digs.  So now I have one week to get this place looking like it wasn't taken over by my toddler.  Wish me luck!!

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