Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Baby Bump

16 weeks 3 days and counting.......

That means I have approximately 164 days left till we meet the newest member of our family.  I say approximately because I will be having a scheduled c-section, which means the baby will be born before the estimated due date of June 5th 2009.  I just scheduled my 20 week sonogram appointment for January 13th at 9:15am.  I am so excited.  That is only three weeks away!!!  If they can tell, we will definitely be finding out if this little one is a boy or a girl.  Most are speculating that it's a girl (seeing as I've been so sick this time and carrying lower so far).  I try not to speculate, that way I won't get my hopes up either way.  I just want to make sure the baby is healthy, but would be happy with either.  I figure, a boy I already know how to handle and have all the clothes.  A girl, though, would be nice so I'd have one of each.  My next prenatal checkup is on the 12th of January and I believe this is when the date of the c-section will be set. My dr. said that 20 weeks is the earliest they can set the date so hopefully all the information we are waiting for will be made known in three weeks.  

I did this photo shoot myself.  Tripod's are so wonderful.  I thought being close to the holidays that it would be nice to have the tree in the background.    It's all starting to come together now and feel more real.  I'm looking forward to what the next 5 months will bring, the good and the bad, and reminding myself that I always turn out to be stronger than I think and can handle more than I ever imagined.  What a new adventure this baby will be.  

Wishing you a Merry Christmas!!!

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