Sunday, December 14, 2008

A night out with adults

Last night was a much needed night out with just adults.  It has been too long, months I think, since I went out without my son in tow for more than just a quick trip to the store or nail salon (which is another thing I don't get to do very often). We were supposed to bring a dish to "show of our culinary skills" as the evite requested.  Being a holiday party I tried to figure out what would be easy and still say "holiday."  I decided on deviled eggs.  Mostly because they are my favorite!  In fact when family gets together they have to make it a point to remind me to leave some for others (same with mashed potatoes).  One year my sister brought an extra plate just for me.  It was very funny and very thoughtful.  Anyway, back to my culinary skills of making deviled eggs.  I found a recipe that my sister had sent me years ago, it seemed simple enough so I went with it.  Little did I know that when it came to the part of peeling the shells off the eggs, it didn't go as easy as it said on paper, or how I imagined in my mind.  I totally butchered the first one, and though I got better and ended up with maybe 6 out of 12 that were "perfect", the mixing the yolk part was much easier.  Sprinkled on the paprika and voila!  My eggs were done.  Then my husband asked if I tasted them to see if they were any good.  You mean I gotta try it first?  There was some egg yolk left over so I closed my eyes and took a bite.  Not bad, for my first time making them in like 8 years.  Here were the results.  
  and they must have been good because by the time we left the party only two were left (and I only ate three of them myself).  Yay!  I know they don't look like the most prestigious culinary delight but one of my things I want to do (before I die), to further my skills as a stay at home mother, I want to take cooking classes.  Luckily I just found out that they will be opening a cooking school at the local mall next year.  But for now, knowing that my eggs were  enough of a success that they were pretty much gone will suffice.  

Now it's time to head to my parents house and watch my beloved Redskins hopefully get their first win after two devastating losses.  And to pick up my adorably precious son who spent the night at Grandma's so we could have a nice evening out alone.  Gotta love having family so close.  

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