Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve and Cookies

It has always been a tradition since I was a child to make christmas cookies on Christmas Eve. Since I got older we haven't kept up that tradition too well but since Mason is now two years old we couldn't pass up the opportunity to introduce him to the tradition.  Especially since he loves to help at any chance he gets. 

Mason was so cute wanting to do it all himself.  He kept pushing my hands away and saying "Mason do it, Mason do it."  Then came the icing and decorating.  Of course a two year old would make a mess as expected.  His favorite colors to use were blue and yellow and he loved the red hot dots the best.  I even got a video of him decorating. 
He is so freaking adorable.  I wouldn't have traded in this experience for the world.  It was happy, fun cookie making.  Can't wait till tomorrow morning!!!

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