Friday, April 27, 2012

Week in the Life 2012: Thursday

It's this never ending cycle. I have the intention to get things done, like blogging, and then other things get in the way. I feel like I never have time for the things I really want to get done. That said, our Thursday went a little something like this.

On the way to school Mason inquired about the toy Sophie had, was it a remote or a phone?Sophie was saying it was a phone and I think Mason was arguing that point. I give it a once over and determine it's a remote. "How can you tell?" "Well buddy, it has buttons to change the change the channel and control the volume." Moments later I am glancing in the mommy mirror I have place on the passenger side visor and see Sophie pointing the remote at the TV saying, "it doesn't work."

Sophie asked to use my camera. Reminding myself that Mason used my camera from time to time at the age of 3, I stepped out of my comfort zone and handed it over. No, I did not give her my SLR. My poor Canon power shot, which has been lovingly abused over the years, was her victim. After a few minutes of leaving her alone, I was anxious to see the results. I think she needs some more instruction, but not bad for her first try. Very artistic. I do believe I had numerous shots that looked similar when I received my very first camera (and at a much older age than 3 years).

Our commute is the same, day in and day out, Monday through Friday. Yet somehow it never gets boring. There are always new things to see, on any given day, down this two lane road. A firetruck getting a wash down, bikers and runners crossing the trail, and neighborhoods being built. Sophie counts school buses, sometimes jams with me to the music, and the conversation is unlike any other. "Hey, Bunny (me)." "Yes, Sally (Sophia)." "Where's Sonic (Mason)?" "Sonic is at school." ..."Hey, Bunny..." *If you don't know, these are characters in the Sonic the Hedgehog tv show the kids watch on Netflix.

1. My view in the car through the mommy mirror.
2. I made pizza calzones for lunch. The kids had a cheesy (Mason), a banana, and chips (Sophia).
4. Fred comes to the dark side. Purchased an iPhone (3Gs) for $.99 to replace the phone he drowned in the Ocean.
5. This house sits dangerously close to the road. They recently did some work fixing up the siding and windows, and I am convinced one day I will dry by and see a car right in the middle of the structure.

I forget I even have a tattoo, until the kids point it out, and ask "what's that?" Funny how it seemed like such a big deal 12 years ago. How I thought this decision would have such an impact on my life, back then and in the future, when today it doesn't even cross my mind. I bet 80% of the people I know right now, don't know that I even have a tattoo.
Mason's Lego creations have really come into their own. He is creating and building like never before. What used to be a toy he constantly needed help with, is now a design all his own. It is becoming the norm to see piles of Legos in his room, his latest creations scattered throughout the house and me trying hard not to trip over them.
The following photos are from our evening spent at Fred's Grandparents. Family from South Dakota were in town and we were invited to dinner. Jeff and Kristy own Black Hills Ammunition in Rapid City. The nicest couple. Fred told me stories about trips out to South Dakota since we were dating, so it was great to finally meet the people behind those stories. As I was getting ready for the evening, Mason told me, "I want to eat at Grandma Vedas everyday."

As soon as we walked in the door, the kids threw off their shoes and made a beeline for the stairs. Sophie taking Grandma by the arm saying, "Grandma Veda, come on. Let's play ball."
The upstairs of their house has a huge room that is a dedicated play area for the grandkids, and mine love to play up there, especially when Grandma Veda comes up to play. Since dinner was cooking, and she couldn't play just yet, balloons were the entertainment. It's funny how you spend loads of money on all these technological toys when sometimes all it takes is a $.50 cent balloon, and some air, and they are fully entertained.
The kids pose with Grandma Veda just before saying good-bye. Dinner was delicious as always. We had her famous chicken chalupas, served with peaches and the kids devoured their staple of mac n cheese. Dessert was angel food cake with strawberry ice cream. Always a good time at Grandma and Grandad Briggs' house.

I really love that we have lots of family living close by.
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