Monday, April 30, 2012

Week in the Life 2012: Sunday

Grandma Sunday, the day we all look forward to each and every week. Now that Mason and Sophia alternate weeks, each gets one-on-one time with Grandma and Fred and I get to have an afternoon with only one child. On days when Sophia is at Grandma's, Mason complains about how much he misses his sister until she returns. To help ease his pain and boredom, the boys usually disappear into the basement for video games, or learning some GPS stuff. Mason can already solder wires together and identify parts such as the resistor. However, this week was Mason's turn for Grandma Sunday and it went a little bit like this.
Breakfast. Chex and Strawberries.
Grandma arrives to pick up Mason, Sophia thinks she is going too. We talk for a bit before they head out, and I distract Sophia with her TV shows.
I get Sophia's birthday invitations in their envelopes, labeled, and ready to be mailed.
A mirror, a camera, and a Sunday afternoon. We had way too much fun.
This is my favorite. A little game of peek-a-boo.
Our usual Sunday lunch is Potbelly. I think their Strawberry shakes are the best. It finally warmed up. A nice change to only need a light jacket, if one at all. Sophia watched My Little Pony on my iPhone while we waited in line, and asked to go over the bumps on the way home.
Grandma drops Mason off at home. After hearing about their latest adventures in WOW (World of Warcraft) and the many other things they accomplished today, it's time for Grandma to leave. But, not before they both rush outside to say good-bye.
Talking to my sister, wishing her a happy birthday.
Getting rid of the white flies that have inhabited our tomato plants.
They rolled down the hill giggling and smiling for like 30 min. Oh, to be a child again. I'm pretty sure if I tried rolling down hills these days I'd get so dizzy I'd puke.
In the Spring and Summer we can usually be found in the backyard throwing or kicking the ball around before it's bedtime. I like these evenings the most.
Our bedtime routine goes something like this. Around 8pm we race up the stairs. Sometimes we carry the children on our shoulders. It is always a lot of fun to see which of us makes it to the top first. The kids always seem to win. :) Then they both sit on the potty. Right now, Sophie sits on the small Baby Bjorn potty while Mason uses the big potty. Then they wash their hand and brush their teeth. Sophie does pretty good with this all on her own. I count to 12 for each side, bottoms and tops, and fronts. Then we floss. Mason should be putting on a fluoride treatment for his two front teeth, but most nights we forget. Then it's time for pajamas, thought Mason would much prefer to wrestle with Daddy in the hallway. While Fred struggles to get Mason to listen, I am putting the eczema lotion on Sophia before she puts on a pull-up for bed (we aren't at the point where she can wake up in time to not pee her bed) and her pajamas. Sometimes Mason will request that I put him to bed, but most nights Fred puts him to bed while I put Sophie to bed. (Maybe we should create a schedule that we switch off every other night).

Mason reads to Fred, either a Dr. Seuss book or another early reader. Yes, I did say read. Mason has some pretty good reading skills at this age, we have been super impressed with his progress. In the meantime, I read Sophia 2-3 books of her choice. Lately, that has either been one of her Strawberry Shortcake books, the Lift and Look Lunchbox, or Ten Little Ladybugs. Then it's light out, hop into bed and sing. I sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Pat-a-Cake, and ABCs. Sometimes Sophie does the movements along with me, and if its an especially good night I'm lucky enough to have her sing along. Lastly, its big hugs and kisses before saying good-night and closing the door. Then I walk into Mason room, make him snug as a bug in a rug, before big hugs and kisses and saying our good-nights.

And there you have it. Week in the life 2012. I hope anyone reading this has gotten some enjoyment out of it. As I've said before, I really enjoy this project as it gives a peak into our daily lives year after year. Not only do I get an immediate response of seeing just how blessed we are in this life, but can you just imagine us going back and reading these 10 years from now, when the kids are teenagers and Fred and I are in our forties? I can't wait!
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