Thursday, April 26, 2012

Week in the Life 2012: Wednesday

Midweek. This is usually when I find myself wishing it was Friday. I can't hit the snooze button enough. When I finally climb out of bed, I am telling myself, once again, that I need to go to bed earlier, (and then never do). Each morning, I ponder over an outfit that doesn't make it look like I just rolled out of bed, no shower or grooming. The past few days, I have had to rouse the kids out of bed before going downstairs to get the kids their vitamins and breakfast.
I have my daily cup of coffee. If I don't, I get migraines and the rest of the day is spent managing the pain.
Dropping off.
A quick stop to Wegmans for some bananas. Grab a few more items for a nice dinner later in the week. On the way home, Sophie and I refer to each other as Strawberry and Raspberry. We continue this the rest of the afternoon.
Sophie takes a turn at being photographer.

Throw in a load of laundry. Mason needs a clean pair of black pants for Spring Sing tonight, and Sophie goes through clothes and sheets a lot faster now that we are potty training.
She put them on all by herself. I try to encourage her independence, even if she doesn't do it exactly right.
Pick up. I love how he runs as soon as he gets close to us. Running hugs are my favorite.
Mason takes over the camera.

Fixer of Transformers. One of the many roles I play.

The next few photos are of Spring Sing. Each year, in April, Mason's preschool holds a event where all the classes perform two songs (one in Spanish) for their parents. It's an hour long event with 4 Acts and a cookie reception hosted by the Parent Group. This year Mason's class performed their B-B-B-Bats song.

B-B-B-Bats! The only mammals that can take to flight.
B-B-B-Bats! Nocturnal creatures that come out at night.
They dart through the skies, and they vary in size large to small.
It's time to end all those fears and get to now our new friends, the bat.

I have heard Mason practicing this song in the car, sitting at the table during lunch, and lying in bed after lights out. It didn't compare to seeing him up on that stage, his cute little bat outfit on, singing his heart out. They were the loudest class of the show by far and Mason could be clearly heard above the others. It was impossible not to be proud.

The pictures aren't great. It was a dark auditorium in our local high school so the color is off, and ever since I dropped my telephoto lens in Italy six years ago it hasn't been able to focus properly, so they are slightly blurred as well. But, I am trying to embrace the imperfections of life and be grateful that I got any pictures out of the event at all.

After his performance, the kids enjoyed running around with their friends in the cafeteria and devouring as many cookies as they could get Grandma to sneak past Fred and I. I had cookie duty during Act 4, but in between monitoring tables and cleaning up trash, I would find Mason and his classmates and scare them. "Roar!" I caught them behind the trash can. They would scream with delight and then run across the room to hide underneath a table. I would pretend I didn't see, until I made my way in their direction to do it all again.

Sophie would fearlessly walk up to the older kids and say, "Hey boys!" Much to Fred's surprise as he had not yet experienced her incredibly outgoing nature. He was equally shocked to find out how many of the teachers, who made there way over to say hello, knew Sophie.

It was a long night and the kids were tuckered by the end of it. Now I am looking forward to the DVD (especially since we accidentally missed the teacher performance and many tears were shed over it) so I can share it with family who weren't able to attend.

Observations: I have noticed with this project that I don't step in front of the camera as often as I should. I always make it a point to document the kids and the things they do but seem to forget to add myself to the moment. It's hard when you are so used to being the one taking the shots and recording the moment, to remember to put the camera down and capture yourself in the memory. So I am making a conscious effort to put the camera down and use the self timer a lot more, or hand the camera over to one of the kids and Fred. So, you just may see a lot more photos of me on here from now on. After all, this is a blog about my journey through motherhood, is it not?
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