Sunday, April 29, 2012

Week in the Life 2012: Saturday

Weekends are my days to sleep in, and as much as I enjoy the extra time in bed, I think I get the short end of the stick. 5 days up with the kids by 7:30am and only 2 days sleeping in, isn't enough to rejuvenate my energy. But it is what it is, and I usually try to take advantage of my two days.

This particular Saturday I am up by 9:30am. The kids and Fred come in and jump on the bed. This is their usual, not so subtle, way of letting me know it's time to get out of bed. When Fred has hit his limit of being alone with the kids and the kids start to ask for Mommy. While I get dressed, the three of them lay on the bed and watch mud trucks on Fred's iPhone. Then it's eggs, bacon, orange juice and strawberries for breakfast. Later, I empty the dishwasher while Fred fixes our disposal. We spend the rest of the afternoon cleaning up around the house and finding things to fill the day untill my mom and aunt come over to get some negotiation advice and tips from Fred. Mom plays with the kids while my Aunt talks with Fred. Around 5pm they leave. Our neighbor comes over asking if we'd be willing to take care of their cat while they are away. The kids are thrilled, they adore Pebbles, and Mason really loves to show he can be responsible. (In fact when he takes care of Cleo, while my sister is out of town, he gets paid. Mostly in Matchbox cars or a DVD, but none the less, he is showing great responsibility at a young age.) At this point, it's dinner time and we have no plans, yet again, so we get a pre made chicken from Giant and throw some corn in the microwave. Saturdays are usually nights we allow the kids to watch a movie with dinner and enjoy some popcorn with m&ms. Once they are in bed, we retreat to the basement where we usually catch up on shows we DVR'd and work on our computers. Sometimes we'll pop in a DVD we haven't watched in awhile. We are usually in bed around midnight. So yeah, Saturdays are pretty boring around here, unless there is a cool event happening, or we have plans with family.

Below are a few of my favorite captured moments throughout the day.
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