Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Week in the Life 2012: Monday

It's that time of year again. When I document our daily happenings for an entire week. As I have mentioned before, I rather enjoy this little project. Especially going back and seeing just how much, or how little, our lives have changed from year to year. This is my third year documenting and I can see me continuing this for many more.

Here is a little peak into how our Monday went.
It is my turn to make playdough for the Bears class at school. After a lot of thought, I decided upon making Earth playdough, and got to it after dropping Mason off at school.
I thought it came out looking pretty cool. I just hope the kids think it's just as cool when they break into it. That, and when Mason's teacher said, "...or surprise me" when I asked if she had an idea in mind for the playdough, that she is surprised in a good way.

Sophie loves to get my rubber colander out, put it on her head like a hat, and then run around the house. My kids are crazy. She does this for a few minutes before it's time to pick up Mason from school.

This past weekend was really tough for us. Not only has the weather been rainy and cold but Fred has been out of town the last 5 days. The kids are really missing him, especially since we haven't been able to talk since Friday afternoon. Lots of tears. His plane is set to land late in the evening, so the house was all abuzz with his impending arrival. We decided to make a surprise for daddy when he returned.
After lunch we baked a batch of homemade Snickerdoodles, Fred's favorite.
Mason was a part of the entire process. Scooping out the dough, rolling it into a ball, and covering with the cinnamon and sugar mixture. I love that I can do more with him these days. It's pretty fun to have someone to cook with, as long as I can keep the perfectionist in me under control.
This is what happens when I am left to keep track of two unruly kids, on my own, while something is baking in the oven--they got a little over cooked. So, naturally we had to try one, or two, or three to make sure they were good. They were de-lic-ious!

Part of the kids chores are helping put the dishes away. They have a system: Sophie grabs the dishes from the sink and brings them to Mason, who is standing on the counter ready to put them in the cabinet. It helps that they earn a stone for doing this.

Around 3:30pm Sophie goes down for her nap, reluctantly. I am praying she stays down. Mason plays on his own while I do some dishes, check emails, and tidy up a bit.

Later in the day, the kids color at the table while I cook dinner, and wash some more dishes.
Mason drew me some flowers in his notebook.

Just before bed, the kids made Welcome Home signs for Daddy. Mason was very particular about having bird stickers on his picture (it took me awhile to catch on to that, and then I felt pretty dumb once I realized). The best part was seeing the kids strategically picking stickers that said good job, hard worker, and I'm proud of you. So very awesome.

They were hoping to stay up for Fred's return home, but I received an email from him while on his layover. He estimated not getting home till around 10pm. They were understandably bummed. As I put them to bed, Mason was sure to remind me to tell daddy to give him a big hug and kiss when he got home. I promised I would.

Around 9:30pm, I was enjoying an episode of Dr. Who (thank you Netflix) when Fred walked through the door. Sophie, not quite asleep yet, was super excited when Fred went in to say good-night to her. She cupped her hands under her chin and said, "daddy, you're really here?" Mason could not be awoken, that boy sleeps like the dead, Fred gave him a hug and kiss anyway.

It is so good to have him home.
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