Sunday, February 13, 2011

You + Me: a Valentine album

[A set of coasters from the $1 bin at Target, some Basic Grey paper (Figgy Pudding and Oliver, and Maraschino card stock), a Martha Stewart heart punch, giga scalloped circle punch, Autumn Leaves-Katie Pertiet journaling stamps, and Paper Salon tailored tins-love equation stamps]

I made this cute little mini album for my son for Valentines Day. It can be adapted for anyone as a great way to show your love. I got the idea from Ali Edwards and a mini book she made two years ago.

I thought it would be a nice gift for Mason to get it in his little mailbox tomorrow morning, but also to allow him to flip through and see pictures of him and me from his birth to now. He loves to see pictures of himself. But more, it's a simple gesture on my part, to let him know that he is so very much loved. To get it out on paper (or in this case a book) and give him something to look at for years to come, to be reminded that he is my absolute joy.

Here is a peek at some of the pages of his album:
I have to say that I embraced absolute imperfection all over the place with this album. It was such a challenge for me to let the little things go, but I did and I'm happy I did because I have this finished album.

So many things went wrong, or not as planned. The pictures were printed on new paper I was trying out with a new printer and they came out less than stellar and not photo quality at all but I said, it's good enough and kept going. When cutting out the paper, I realized I didn't have a cutter the right size to cover the coasters so I went in search of a new one. Decided upon the Martha Stewart circle cutter. Like all new tools, there is a technique to it that you have to learn and I got frustrated that the paper kept moving but I stuck with it and decided that most of the mishaps could be sanded off after gluing to the coasters.

Next, the patterned paper was meant to alternate sides (left then right) and at some point near the end I wasn't paying attention and they all ended up on the right side and where I normally would have had a panic attack and decided to redo the album all over, I just let it go. I said, it is what it is and moved on. I wasn't thrilled with how I included the journaling (I hadn't thoroughly thought that out when I started the project) and the last was when punching the holes I messed up and punched the hole the wrong way on one page (you can see it above in the photo of us having movie night). That, I couldn't let go. I had to re-punch it because the photos wouldn't match the journaling. And I felt myself start to panic and stress and then I just did it and let it go. I told myself, Mason is four. He won't care that it isn't perfect. He probably won't even notice. All he will care about is that he has this album I made for him that he gets to look at every day.

So glad I did this and got it done. I feel a sense of accomplishment and can't wait to see Mason's reaction tomorrow.

Journaling reads:
From the time I felt you growing in my belly
to the first moments I held you in my arms
to my very first mothers day
and your very first steps
to your first birthday
and your second
to our first trip to the beach
and your third birthday, and our family of four
to your fourth birthday
to today, tomorrow and everyday in between. I love you more than I could express. You are my greatest blessing, my deepest joy- my son.
xoxo, mom

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