Friday, February 11, 2011

Create: Valentines Day

Valentine's Day is vastly approaching and I thought I'd give a peak at some of the projects I've been working on.

Home Decor
After having a home filled with festive decorations the whole month of December it seems rather dull in the house until we hit fall once more and the decorations come out again. So this year I decided our home would be filled with seasonal joy throughout the year.

First up, I made the wreath you see above. It was super easy to put together and cost under $10 total.

Then I decided the mantel needed a little sprucing. I created the heart banner using napkins left over from various birthday parties over the years and cute out heart shapes. Punched holes and tied them together with twine. Super simple.
I kept the electric red candle from Christmas, added a white one then used these valentine printables from Rebecca Cooper to decorate them for the season. The Love blocks and picture frames are from the $1 bin at Target. I took random scrapbook paper I have hoarded over the years and cut them to fit the frames. Heart key is from Tim Holtz.

The flowers are from Michaels (I think) from many years ago. Frame from A.C. Moore. I used this Martha Stewart punch for the heart collage from various red, pink and white papers.

Our dinning room table. This picture frame (I think from A.C. Moore) houses pieces of art for each season. Currently it is filled with this Subway Art from Eighteen 25. I love their blog. So many great ideas. I printed it at Costco, but yet somehow the colors came out all monotone and muted. Not at all like the download. And this isn't the first time this has happened when I have tried printing something I downloaded with them. Their color calibration must be off. However, they are super cheap when it comes to printing 8x10 photos. So, I lived with it.

The jar of beads with the white candle, I left out from Christmas. The bunch of flowers were decorations from Sophie's first birthday and river rocks that I had intended for the good behavior jars but ended up using different ones instead. And my favorite. The apothecary jar, from Michaels, filled with conversation hearts. That jar only has half that amount in it now. I have to tell you though, you can only eat so many of those candy hearts before you feel like you want to vomit. Yet, somehow I keep coming back to them.

Despite my extremely busy schedule of late with this Art to Remember project I'm co-heading at Mason's school I still managed to find time to get my room parent duties done. Above is a little shot I took of the centerpieces I made for Mason's classes Valentine Party on monday. Once again that $1 bin at Target was my success. Aren't those buckets just totally adorable? The hearts I punched from pink and red construction paper using this punch and the straws I had on hand (but found a few extra at the dollar store). Super easy to make. I just punched out the hearts and glued them to the straws using glue dots. I filled the buckets with black and white beans and then stuck in the hearts. Super simple and super cute. Can't wait till the kids see them.

Mason and I are currently making the special snack for the party; layered jello hearts. I'll let you know how they come out.

In addition to the party, my son's class is having a mail theme this month. Complete with post office in their dramatic play area as well as making their own mailboxes and requests that we send them one letter a week for the month. Mason is so excited about this. So when we spotted these cute little gems, once again in the $1 bin at Target he begged me and I caved. I thought we could get one for each of us and keep the mail theme going at home.

Not only that, I've been putting together the teacher gifts for Valentine's Day as well. Unable to decide on what container to put it all in till these little cuties lit a spark in my brain.
How cute right? It totally fits their mail theme for the month and they are valentine colors! Each equipped with their names of course, so the mailman knows where to send their mail. These are some really old stickers I found in my stash. Finally putting all those scrapbooking supplies I've collected over the years to good use.
Inside, each teacher has 4 tickets to the movies, a bag of candy hearts and a homemade valentine. Once again, super simple, and I'm so proud I stayed within budget this time! I hope the teachers like them. I keep trying to come up with unique gifts unlike the coffee mugs, apples and school supplies I'm sure they get bombarded with year after year from parents and students alike. It helps that the school provides the room parents with a sheet of each teachers likes and faves. It's been so helpful.

Well that it's for now. Been busy with crafts and valentines and getting inspired. Love it, love it, love it. Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!
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