Saturday, February 26, 2011

Leaving us in stitches since 2006

This was the conversation last night over dinner:

Daddy: Buddy, how do you feel about Grandma Veda saying you look like Justin Bieber?
Mason: It makes me sad.
Mommy: Me too.
Daddy: It makes you sad?
Mason: yeah. Why does Grandma call me a Beaver?

You can imagine how the rest of that went. Us, laughing hysterically and Mason repeating the phrase till we felt like we'd vomit from all the laughter.

Thank you buddy, for not only giving me endless material for my blog and your very own scrapbook, but for the daily amusement and constant reminder that motherhood is worth every moment. But only as long as you are part of it.

Now I need to make an appointment with Miss Holly to get his haircut.
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