Monday, February 21, 2011

A simple reminder

As I stood in the kitchen, Thursday morning, listening to my son coach his sister on how to properly eat her breakfast,

"Don't just eat the raisins sweetie. I know you like those, but you need to eat the whole bagel. There you go, that's how you do it, Soph."

I'm reminded of the other super cute things I've overheard. Like, recently I went to Walmart and picked up the bean bag filler we'd ordered (and really should have done earlier, like before Christmas) so now we finally have usable bean bag chairs for the kiddos! (Thanks Nana. For taking the time to sew these precious jems). So in celebration, we had a movie night.

The kids loved them. Sitting right away in their respective chairs, and like any sibling, getting upset if the other sat in theirs. They sat and watched Transformers, Mason's newest discovery. Their little faces fixated on the screen and wicked cool action.

Now picture, if you can, this scene. The main characters are in a car trying to escape the Decepticon chick. The car gets picked up by one of the Decepticons and they are flying through the air and at some point the car is let go and it falls and crashes. Right at that point, I hear this little voice say, "whoa." It wasn't my hardcore son as I would have expected, it was my little girl. Mason, the four year old who loves to spout big words; while equally excited about this scene, had his most memorable moment by referring to the bad guys as "peptigons." At first I could't figure out what he was talking about. Some new shape I didn't know about similar to a hexagon or pentagon or something? Then, like usual, I eventually figured it out.

My kids are so very awesome.

*Edited to note: My husband argues that Mason actually says it, "pektigons."
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