Thursday, February 11, 2010

Blizzard of 2010

This winter season has been the worst accumulation of snowfall since 1996. Amassing to over 60+ inches total since the first snowfall in December. And while I have always hoped for a White Christmas since I was a child and happy we got one this year. And even with Mason having had a blast during the first snowfall and desperately wanting to have another snowball fight since. And as beautiful as freshly fallen snow makes the world around us, I am over, get that O-V-E-R this fluffy white crap that is never ending. Honestly the snow is great for all those kids in school loving the fact that they have not had classes all week but when you are stuck at home with two kids, namely a rambunctious three year old who is having serious cabin fever and therefore developed massive behavioral problems. Not so fun. So when the outside of your house looks like this:
It's hard to not go crazy and scream your head off at the littlest things. I am not a big fan of the snow right now, can you tell, and I'm sure most residents of Northern Virginia are feeling the same. Though we are doing what we can to keep busy and not be too bored. Like shoveling the driveway (a million times).
And can I say it's not that cool when EVERYONE in your neighborhood is out with their snow blowers and you're the jackass who is breaking your back with an archaic shovel. (Side note: we do have wonderful neighbors who have pity on us and helped out with our driveway a time or two and for that I am extremely grateful).

But anyway after the two weeks of being stuck inside from the sickies and now this blizzard that seems to never end, we all have a serious case of cabin fever and needed to get out. So I stuck Sophie in her jumper jump, in which she was quite content for like 20 minutes, bundled up Mason and headed out the door. I could tell Mason NEEDED to be out just as much as me because I got outside and saw him running around and screaming and laughing as if he'd been locked up in a cage like a dog and finally let out to run free in the open.

It was great to get out, breathe some fresh air, see people I am not related or married to.
Never thought I'd be longing for the struggle of packing up the kids in the car and heading to the grocery store, Target, anywhere but home. Yet here I am hoping we get thawed out soon and can resume our normal everyday lives. Because, seriously, I'm losing it one snowflake at a time.

Video of Mason and Fred being silly in the snow to come soon.
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