Sunday, February 28, 2010

8 months

Another month gone and wow. I can't believe how fast the one year mark is creeping upon us. Sophie has officially been in this world the same number of months she grew in my belly. And she has been just as busy growing.

She claps after doing something good like sitting up on her own and says da-da intermittently. (Still working on ma-ma). She also is a big copy cat. Our favorite game is to look at each other, I shake my head, then she smiles and shakes her head. Over and over this goes. So great to see her catching on to these things. Trying to form the words and repeat actions that we do.

She is crawling. Each day more and more. And GETTING INTO EVERYTHING! Her favorite things to find and put in her mouth are power cords, more specifically the ones to our laptops, and tissues. She manages to find these stashed away in the most obscure places because when I put her down there isn't one is sight but sure enough as soon as I turn my head she has on in her mouth and I have to go digging for the pieces. Mason also helps informing me of these events.

She finally holds the bottle on her own while I actually get to take a breather and eat a meal. This was a milestone I was anxiously awaiting and am incredibly grateful for achieving.

She is standing. With help of course. Only in the last week or two has she been perfecting this skill.
Pushing herself up using anything and everything. From the diaper caddy, to daddy, and her favorite; the leapfrog table. She LOVES this table. Even if it is possessed, going off randomly in the middle of the night. Causing me to leap out of bed, bolt down the stairs, and hurriedly find the off switch. Same with the Step 2 kitchen. One day the burner just randomly went off. It only happened once in a while but recently it decided to drive me so nuts I removed the batteries much to Mason's displeasure.

She loves the game of peek-a-boo. Even initiating it herself. The other day she was holding a diaper, unused, and putting it in front of my face. Then taking it away. I played along asking, "Where's mommy?" when my face was covered. To which she'd respond by taking it away and I'd making a funny face and she'd laugh. It truly is the simple moments, like a game of peek-a-boo, that bring some of the greatest joys to our lives.

And speaking of peek-a-b00. You like how I made that transition? Check this out.
I was feeling around in her mouth after Mason informed me she ate one of his stickers. Remember he is my enforcer and the eyes of the house, keeping us all in line. When....wait! Was that a tooth? Yes, yes it is. It's just barely peeking through but it's there. Sophie's first tooth.

Boy has this been a month of firsts. Can't wait to see what the next three months will bring. Perhaps walking?
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