Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Another Birthday Wish

A wonderful thing happened 32 years ago today. My husband was born, and the world is better for it. He is such a wonderful man and excellent father. Since he does not like his picture taken I don't really have any of just him, and none that are recent. So here is my favorite of the love of my life. 

The day was mostly spent preparing for Nana's visit. That meant cleaning. But he went down for a nap and me, the kids and my mom went out to Target to let him sleep. Also wanted to buy him a cake. Mason decided that cupcakes with sprinkles daddy would like better. Then we told him it was a secret but of course the first thing Mason said when we walked in the door was, "Daddy we got a birthday cake for you!" *sigh* After dinner Mason sang Happy Birthday, we had the cupcakes and then Mason had a bath. 

It was a busy day and I know it's been an exhausting couple of days recently with the birth of our daughter and just getting home from the hospital. None the less. Happy Birthday, Babe.  I hope it was a good one. 
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