Sunday, June 21, 2009

Celebrating Dads

Dad's get the shaft this year. Store bought cards. Sorry. I just haven't found the time between making birth announcements and thank you cards. On top of learning to be a family of four instead of three. Things have been difficult these last few weeks. Lots of tantrums, crying and frustration by kids and adults. But it is getting easier and will only get better. Just as this wonderful song I heard on the radio the other day stated, "it won't be like this for long." Who sings this? Darius Rucker. Yes, the very one from the band Hootie and the Blowfish. Thought they fell off the face of the earth, much to my disappointment as I was a big fan. But here he is, back, and as a Country artist. LOVE IT! Anyway, the lyrics seemed oh so appropriate given the status of our lives currently and well its Fathers Day.

For My Dear Husband
You are the a wonderful father to both our children. Your relationship with Mason is so special. I see it in his eyes everyday you leave for work and in the smile when you get home. I hear it in his voice when he talks about cars and feel it when the two of you embrace as we put him down for the night. I know that when it comes to Sophie things have been difficult. It has been a less than perfect beginning to this grand new adventure. Through it all, I know you love her already. I see it when you hold her and she falls asleep on your chest and I hear it in your voice as you try to calm her cries at night. And it all seems worth it when you hold me at night and whisper it will be o.k. It's in these moments; watching you with Mason, listening to you with Sophie and feeling you holding me, that I know I am blessed. I know we can make it through anything. And I love you even more. Happy Father's Day!!

For My Father
My father and I have always been close. I guess you could say I'm a bit of a daddy's girl. There is a special place in my heart for my father. Growing up he always showed me so much love. By sneaking into my room early in the morning before heading to work to leave me candy and a card for Valentine's Day. In fact my Dad never missed a holiday or any occasion to give me a card. No matter how small. I like to think this is where I got my habitual giving of cards. Not only did he show his love through written words he was always there to listen to me when I just needed to cry or let it out. And giving advice that only a father could, without judgement. He taught me to ride a bike, throw and pitch, and was present at every swim meet and softball game. My father not only encouraged my dreams but celebrated my accomplishments with pride and shared in my failures with tears. More than anything, my father never gave up on me. Even if I gave up on myself.
I have so many wonderful memories of my childhood. Thank you dad for everything. I delight in the summers we spent at Orioles baseball games and diving for coins at the pool. I will always have those Froggy Greenback stories and hope to pass them on to my kids, though I will never be able to tell them as good as you. I'm so glad I had you there by my side, arm in arm as we walked down the aisle and you gave me away. One of the best memories to date. And now the moments of you holding your grandson and granddaughter for the first time will stay with me forever. I love you, daddy. Happy Father's Day!

*This picture is circa 1996. My dad was Santa @ a Band event & I took pictures.
One of my friends captured this one during a break. It's one of my favorites of
me and my dad.

P.S. Yesterday was also my daddy's birthday. Happy Belated Birthday Dad!!

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