Thursday, July 28, 2011

Week in the Life: Tuesday

This day did not start off good. I felt horrible. Plans were disrupted. It ended up as one of our simple days. Here are a few pictures from Tuesday.

Taking my antibiotic.
Planning out our trip to Wegmans.
Getting dressed.
Mason's Transformer movie arrives in the mail via Netflix.
Sophie goes down for a nap.
Finally make it to Wegmans.
Mason goes out for a romp in the sprinkler while Fred waters the lawn.
Fred fits in a little work before putting the kids to bed.
Bedtime ritual of books before climbing in bed to fall asleep.

What I took from this day is that I must eat a full breakfast, or rather not have an empty stomach when taking my medication. It makes me terribly ill. Only for an hour or two, but enough to ruin any plans for the afternoon. Thankful that Fred is home and was able to fill in and occupy the kids and feed them lunch till I felt better.

What I want to remember from this day is not that I got sick, leaving our day in a bit of a stand still, but to remember the moments that at first seem trivial. Like this morning, laying in bed, head pounding from the knot or two that developed on the back of my head, listening to this patting noise coming from downstairs. Wondering what it is, and worried it might wake up Sophie, and then remembering I put on the t.v., tuned to Little Einsteins, for Mason before hopping back in bed. This realization dawning just as I hear, "Blast off!" wafting up the stairs and into our bedroom before drifting off to sleep.
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