Thursday, July 28, 2011

Week in the Life: Monday

This is the second year in a row that I have documented a week in our lives and absolutely love it. To be able to look back and see what we did and where we were in our lives at that moment.
This year our week began with chocolate chip pancakes, per Mason's request.
Sophie has developed a taste for them as well as syrup.
After the kids have a fun filled bath, Mason and Sophie join forces to pick out her outfit for the day. Mason's old shark t-shirt from our first beach trip and her "Tinkerbell" skirt from her birthday with Lighting McQueen crocs to top off the outfit. To boot she actually let me put her hair in pigtails.
I needed to find a dress for my brother in laws upcoming nuptials, ASAP, so once again it is off to the mall for our third attempt. Toys R Us is running a special right now that if you buy a backpack you get a lunchbox for free. During the week of Mason's sickness, Grandma bought Sophie a new backpack, a rolling one, and of course she picked out a Tinkerbell lunchbox. But Mason couldn't be left out so he got a Transformers one. Seeing as they have been sitting in the cabinet unused, we thought this might be the perfect chance. So we packed our lunches and ourselves in the car. Made it to the food court at the mall just in time for lunch.
They ate all their lunch, high-fiving Sophie at the end, so I rewarded them with playtime in the play area. Sophie was having such a great time, climbing down stairs by herself, keeping up with the older kids and Mason made a few friends of his own. Even though I had to drag her, screaming at a decibel I have never heard before, she wore herself out and managed to nap in the stroller for short time.
In the meantime I went from store to store, trying on dress after dress.
Nothing really hitting the mark, either it was too expensive or just didn't look right, and me on the edge so frustrated with the whole thing when Fred called. He was in the mall getting his suit for the wedding, how ironic. He so graciously went on the dress run with us, which ended at Dress Barn at the outlets, the kids playing on the playground and me with a dress in hand. Finally. *It looks an awful lot like dress #1 in the photo above, in blue with white flowers. Mission Accomplished.
We decided to take the kids out for ice cream to make up for the dragging around to an ungodly number of stores while I tried on dresses. Though I think Mason rather enjoyed being my helper, rushing into the dressing room and asking if this one had a zipper. I'm sure the highlight though was riding in the Corvette with Daddy. I'm glad I got to witness the joy on his face that I only heard stories about till this point.
Following them as best I could, trying hard to get my tank of a minivan to keep up with the sporty red two seater. Desperate to catch a glimpse of his hair whipping in the wind, or the sound of his exuberant "woohoo's" out the window. Only managing to see his tiny hand appear from the window to grip the side of the car as we came around the turn of the off ramp. It would suffice.
We arrived at the shopping center housing the ice cream shop.
Mason regaling about his ride, making sure I saw every moment of it, as we hurriedly walked to the front doors. Sophie tripped on a drain top and landed sprawled on the concrete. Screaming, I led her to a nearby table till she calmed down, only to find her knee spilling blood. It was worse than I thought. While Daddy calmed her down for a bit with some ice cream, I ran to the car for the first aid kit. The hope was that she would be fine once bandaged up, however, once Daddy was at the AT&T store and I was left with the kids, free to play in the play area, she would not stop crying. She kept pointing to her knee and saying, "hurt. Hurt."

Fred managed to arrive back just as I was deciding I needed to take her home. While we headed off to Target, to find a better bandage for her knee, the boys stayed behind to play. On the way home I couldn't get the DVD player in the car to work so I promised Sophie Tinkerbell once we got home. Mason insisted upon a movie night. This consists of popcorn and m&m's.

Once the movie was over, even though it wasn't bedtime, Sophie was so tired I put her to bed early. Mason followed, after a game of war, with Daddy. Then to the basement for us, to indulge in our guilty pleasure of Gordon Ramsey and Hell's Kitchen.

Just another typical day.
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