Saturday, July 30, 2011

Week in the Life: Friday

Fridays are usually the day that Pop-Pop comes over and gets to spend time with the kids. It usually ends up with Mason playing swords with Pop-Pop and Sophie getting Pop-Pop to read a few books to her. Or we watch a movie. Tangled is one of Pop-Pops favorites. However, this week Pop-Pop is in Florida with some friends at a softball tournament. He used to umpire softball and actually only a few years ago used to run the tournaments until his stroke. I know he misses it terribly, I relate it to my eye sight going bad and being told I will never take pictures again. So I am glad he is there, spending time enjoying something he loves, it will be good for him. The kids were a bit disappointed, but it was made up with a play date to the pool. I took every precaution, lathering up on sunscreen, wearing my sun hat and a cover up. It was a lot of fun, until some kid threw up in the pool and they had to close. See kids, this is why we don't drink the pool water.

The evening was split up with the boys heading off to the car show at Chik-Fil-A, it was requested that the girls not come this time, so the girls ate some take out and watched Tinkerbell till the boys got home. At which point we were enthusiastically told about the Transformers Camaro that was there and oh my gosh Mom, it was so cool!

And here are a few more moments from our Friday. Simple, sweet, hot, but fun.

Have a great weekend!
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