Saturday, July 23, 2011

110 degrees in the shade

Yup that about sums up how it feels outside. We have had code red days, with heat and air quality advisories in effect for most of this entire week. The heat index rising upwards of 112 degrees, it's not recommended to go outside. Which works fine for me, since with the doxycycline I am advised against excessive exposure to sunlight anyway. That means no going to the pool, hanging at the park or going for long bike rides around the neighborhood. Much to the kids dismay. It also means our trip to the Zoo has to be postponed once again. But, knowing that just riding in the car while running errands and getting my hair cut I developed sun poisoning on my hands and wrists the other day, a condition of which I used to get a lot but have been free of for the last few years, I will happily suck it up and stick in doors as much as possible till this heat wave and my three weeks on this antibiotics are up.
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